Roots of Radicalism


Heritage & Destiny a non-party-political magazine published in the early 1980s. It concentrated on cultural and philosophical themes, eschewing the more mundane day-to-day political issues. It should not be confused with another publication with the same name: the latter ‘Heritage & Destiny’ is a Preston-based general-interest Nationalist publication which has been published since 1999, and is still going strong.

Although only six issues were produced, between spring of 1980 and the summer of 1983 H&D was a well-respected and influential publication within nationalist circles in Britain in this period. The most notable feature of H&D articles was the depth of research that went into them, and the high literary standards to which they were written. The series on British folk song is particularly noteworthy in this respect.

As the aim of H&D was to further ideas, rather than political parties or politicians, most of its contents appeared anonymously or pseudonymously.

H&D suffered, probably more than most dissident publications of the time, from a lack of financial resources, and an effective distribution network. Consequently the small team that produced it felt unable to continue after the sixth issue. One is left to wonder what they might have achieved if they had been operating in the internet age.

ISSUE 1Spring 1980
Nationalism, Racialism and Early British Socialism
British Roots: The Anglo-Saxons
The Objective Ethics of Cattell and Monod
Traditional British Folk Song 1: an introduction

ISSUE 2Summer 1980
Robert Ardrey: the man who detonated the intellectual time-bomb
British Roots: the Vikings
Traditional British Folk Song 2: Seasonal Ceremony

ISSUE 3Winter 1980/81
Sociobiological controversy has ancient origins
Biological Marxism: the impossible synthesis
British Roots: the Normans
Traditional British Folk Song 3: The Epic Ballads

Some social implications of the microprocessor revolution
Six hundredth anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt
Traditional British Folk Song 4: The Later Songs
Mead – the drink of the North

The films of John Boorman
The race riots of 1919 (Part 1)
Traditional British Folk Song 5: Industrial Songs
William Morris: “With the North-West Wind”

ISSUE 6Summer 1983
The exposure of Margaret Mead
Marx, Darwin and the scientific ideology
The race riots of 1919 (Part 2)
Traditional British Folk Song 6: Sea Songs and Shanties