Roots of Radicalism


VANGUARD was essentially the successor magazine to Nationalism Today, being privately produced in support of the National Front (NF) from 1986 to the early 1990s.

It suffered from a number of disadvantages: the internal disruptions and factional infighting for which the NF was notorious had greatly reduced the effectiveness of that party. Although Vanguard successfully supported the winning faction in the NF 'civil war' in 1986, the victory was a Pyrrhic one: the 'winning' remnant of the party was too small to support - in terms of sales - the publications that had supported it, and the controversial nature of the NF meant that publications associated with it found it hard to gain a readership outside party circles.

This was particularly unfortunate since the standard of Vanguard's contents was generally high, and it was often quite prophetic in its forecasts. To take one example: the article 'What comes after the East-West conflict?' questioned what the political consequences would be for white societies if, no longer divided into two, warring, Soviet Communist / American Capitalist blocs, they were faced with the rising threat of militant Islam. This was published almost thirty years ago, before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Overall the magazine attempted to continue the 'radical nationalist' traditions of Nationalism Today, but in a slightly maturer style. It covered a diverse range of cultural, ethnological, philosophical and ecological topics, as well as the obvious socio-economic and political ones. Initially a 16-page monthly, it evolved into a 32-page quarterly by 1990. The April-June 1990 edition was the first ever Nationalist publication in Britain to have a full-colour cover.

Issue 1 Aug 1986
In Memoriam - G. K. Chesterton J Pearce
WAGNER'S RING - A Modern Tragedy A Brons
WAPPING - A Nationalist Perspective T Acton

Issue 2 Sept 1986
Blood of the British Part 1 S Brady
Blood and Soil (Book review) S Brady
Vaughan Williams – an appreciation P Comben

Issue 3 Oct 1986
Blood of the British Part 2 S Brady
Tolkien revisited E Butler

Issue 4 Nov 1986
An Orcadian inheritance J Pearce
Radicals v Revolutionaries S Brady
Exposing 'Searchlight' magazine A Drummond

Issue 5 Jan 1987
Henry Williamson (Book review) T Acton
In defence of our nation R Bower

Issue 6 Feb 1987
The lessons of the first 20 years A Brons
Radical populism J Pearce

Issue 7 April 1987
Patterns of prejudice Part 1 S Brady
Blood and Salt B Taylor
A Methodist in their madness J Pearce

Issue 8 May 1987
Patterns of prejudice Part 2 S Brady
British agriculture J Pearce

Issue 9 June 1987
Nazi racialism? No thanks! T Acton
Knut Hamsun – an appreciation J Pearce
The Case for Racial Discrimination Steve Brady

Issue 10 July 1987
The origins of distributism G Fleetwood
Memories of the Falklands P Taylor
Hilaire Belloc – Radical Romantic J Pearce

Issue 11 Aug 1987
Towards a new folk music B Nash
Big business – S Africa's biggest enemy J Pearce
Lies, damn lies and politicians J Hall

Issue 12 Sept 1987
Portrait of a parasite – Jeremy Corbyn J Hall
Goodhart opens the immigration debate M Stone

Issue 13 Oct 1987
Power to the people! S Brady
Struggle for Justice T Denny

Issue 14 Nov 1987
Islam – the third enemy S Brady
Industrial history: the Nine Hours League J Harwood

Issue 15 Jan 1988
Race: fact or emotion Dr H Campbell
The Jewish Question S Brady & T Acton

Issue 16 Feb 1988
'National Music' by R Vaughan Williams P Comben
Nietzsche – a true perspective Dr H Campbell
Knocking on the Door C Wakely
Out of Africa (Part 1) J Hall

Issue 17 April 1988
Debate: The Corporate State M Crahart
Nietzsche and Nationalism J Pearce
Out of Africa (Part 2) J Hall
Flying saucers and the Final Call S Brady

Issue 18 May 1988
Debate: the Distributist case T Acton
Freudianism slips (Book review) T Acton
A Very Peculiar Practice (Book review) J Pearce

Issue 19 June 1988
The rising tide of colour S Brady
Portrait of a liar – Robert Maxwell J Pearce

Issue 20 July 1988
The anti-racist case T Acton
Churchill – British bulldog or pet poodle? J Pearce
The right to choose life J Hall

Issue 21 Aug 1988
Brainwashing on the box S Brady
A rape in Wolfe's clothing J Pearce
Vivisection: barbarism in the name of humanity J Hall

Issue 22 Sept 1988
Searchlies (Marxist magazine exposed) Various
Green politics & liberal fantasies J Pearce

Issue 23 Oct 1988
Black marks for Karl Marx J Hall
Red genocide in Rumania Anon
JRR Tolkien: an inspiration to nationalists S Brady

Issue 24 Mar/Apr 1989
Britain: a nation of immigrants? S Brady
A new look at G K Chesterton J Pearce

Issue 25 May/Jun 1989
The lessons of Rochdale T Acton
What comes after the 'East-West 'conflict? S Brady
The coming of the Anglo-Saxons to England S Brady

Issue 26 Jul/Aug 1989
The earliest origins of the British S Brady
Right for the wrong reasons T Acton

Issue 27 Sep/Oct 1989
Obituary: Prof William Shockley S Brady
Golden visions J Hall
The power of ideas T Acton

Issue 28 Nov/Dec 1989
Women in the front line (Interview) C Taylor / T Wingfield
Multiracialist lies – our reply T Acton
Mondragon revisited D Jones

Issue 29 Jan/Feb 1990
We were right (after fall of Berlin wall) Anon
A unified front for Europe T Budden
Richard Jeffries – an appreciation A Lightfoot

Issue 30 Apr/Jun 1990
Russia at the crossroads S Brady
Russia – the Nationalist vision S Brady
The blurred visions of Prince Charles T Acton

Issue 31 Jul/Sep 1990
The untapped resource T Acton
The end of ideology D Hill

Issue 32 Oct/Dec 1990
The Islamic republic of Yorkshirabad M Hebden
Engulfed? The first Gulf War NF Policy Dept.
Analysis of Libertarianism R Harrison

Issue 33 Jan/Mar 1991
The Coming Swarm (mass immigration) S Brady

Issue 34 Apr/Jun 1991
How our rulers wield power S Brady
British nationalism – a Catholic perspective H Francis

Issue 35 Autumn 1991
Radical Nationalism – the challence of the 90s T Acton
Is Nationalism Nazism? S Brady & T Acton
Facing up to the Holocaust S Brady & T Acton
Nationalist Quiz J Hall