Roots of Radicalism


By Steve Brady

WHILST the Soviet Union, by rampaging rather too obviously across defenceless neighbouring countries, has made it temporarily embarrassing to grovel before and sell our high technology goods to for even the most "detente-minded" politician or the most profit-minded international Capitalist, Red China labours under no such handicap.

Chairman Teng and his cronies have had their jackboots well and truly shined by assorted Western tongues lately. Tory Cabinet Ministers and US Senators have been wined and stuffed with chop suey whilst they fall over each other in sycophantic praise of their hosts. Arch-reactionaries of the most Thatcherite ilk have basked in standing ovations from packed ranks of Maoist Communists as they urge the Chinese Marxists on in their factional quarrel with their Soviet fellow-Marxists.

Meanwhile, Western plutocrats have lost no time in making hay ― and cash ― whilst the sun shines. They have swarmed to Chinese trade fairs at which they frantically outbid each other to sell Western technology to those who are only prevented from carrying out their sworn threat to destroy the West by the lack of that technology. Not just ballpoint pens and computers have been freely flogged but military hardware enough to equip an army has been sold, and Britain is still trying to persuade the Red Chinese to accept, on ever more generous terms, our world-beating Harrier jump-jet. More alarmingly, the Americans and Europeans are competing with each other to build China a space capability. Sophisticated satellite ground control stations have already been sold to the Oriental Reds by the US. The European Space Agency is to offer help in designing intercontinental ballistic missiles. And America has given the Chinese the plans for her Atlas and Centaur space launchers, with which they will be able to put hydrogen bombs into Earth orbit, to be brought down in minutes on command, on any city in the world.


The argument used to justify such suicidal sales has been that the Chinese "will help contain the Soviet threat," and the general impression is given in our media that the Chinese are not really such bad chaps after all ― they even have a "Democracy Wall" where people can criticise the Government, and unlike Mao the new leaders of the thousand million Red Chinese are "moderates".

But this is obvious nonsense. The new Chinese Government did indeed have a "Democracy Wall" to show to Western visitors, but when the posters thereon grew too damaging they closed it down, rounded up the leading posterers and sentenced their leader, Wei Ching-shing, to 15 years in a concentration camp for criticising the Government. His less prominent associates, with fewer Western friends, have simply vanished, presumably into nameless holes in the ground. And the new Chinese regime did not quarrel with the "Gang of Four" over "moderation vs. extremism", but over more or less the same issue on which Stalin quarrelled with Trotsky: whether, when Marxist doctrine comes into conflict with the constraints imposed by the Real World (a not uncommon occurrence!), it is better to be doctrinally pure or to be realistic, Teng and Co., by opting for a pragmatic approach, are following the line of Stalin. And we all know just how "moderate" he was!

The true face of the new Chinese regime is shown in such actions as the recent appointment of Yang Teh-chih as Army Chief-of-Staff. Yang commanded the Chinese forces in Korea who exterminated all but 40 of the 1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment when they heroically stood fast against his treacherous surprise attack. His forces were noted for the sadistic tortures inflicted, in flagrant contravention of all the laws of war, and even considerations of common humanity, upon any Allied prisoners-of-war unlucky enough to fall into his hands. Yang was also behind the recent attempted Chinese conquest of Vietnam. This attack was no less unprovoked and vicious than the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but since the victim was as Red as the aggressor, and because, unlike the West, the Soviets stand by their allies so that the Chinese had to fall back across the border with a bloody nose, little fuss was made about it.


No, the Chinese Communists, whose leaders' power today is founded upon a heap of skulls higher by far than even that under the Politburo in Moscow, and who waded to that power through the blood of ninety million of their fellow countrymen, are no "moderates". The peace-loving people of Tibet, whose pacifist Buddhist monk rulers refused on moral grounds to maintain an army or fight a war, even in their own defence, and who were brutally enslaved and butchered amid horrific carnage (which is where pacifism gets you, CND and friends please note!) could testify to that, in blood. And they are no less sworn to destroy the West than their fellow Communists in the Kremlin. The only difference is that, whereas most of the rulers of the Soviet Empire and many of their serfs are White and have managed to retain some glimmers of European civilisation through the long night of Marxist tyranny, the heirs of Mao add to the bloodthirsty revelling in massacre, purge and slaughter embodied in the particularly virulent form of "Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism" they espouse the casual brutality, callousness, complete insensitivity to the sufferings of their fellow man and indifference to human life which are part of the racial and cultural character of Asiatics from Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan to the present day.

Yet, ever since the possibility of selling Coca-Cola to a thousand million mouths opened in 1972, the Red Chinese have been unable to do wrong in the eyes of the most reactionary Western 'conservative'. To curry favour with the 'proletarian vanguard' in Peking. Western Capitalists unceremoniously chucked their loyal Nationalist Chinese allies out of the UN (thereby doing them an unintentional favour!) and withdrew diplomatic recognition from the bemused Chiang Kai Shek Goverment in Taiwan, whose only crime was to believe in their innocence that Capitalism and Communism were opposites.

Now Communist China has met with the ultimate mark of Capitalist approval, withheld from the Soviets during even the balmiest days of 'detente'. 'Anti-Capitalist' Red China was admitted on April 17th to the super-Capitalist International Monetary Fund.

Nationalist China, though run on best Thatcherite 'free-enterprise' smash-and-grab Capitalist lines, is to be slung out of this super-Capitalist club to make room for their neighbouring 'Workers' State' (!). Their IMF membership will allow the heirs of Marx and Lenin unlimited free access to Western markets and a say in the running of Capitalist states like Britain when, as often happens, they wind up in hock up to their necks to the IMF international financiers. Red China is also expected shortly to join the World Bank, so apart from helping the IMF to force the British Government to throw millions ot British workers on the dole in the interests of 'business efficiency' and higher profits, these 'revolutionary socialists' will be able to help themselves to the colossal piggy-bank of profits sweated by a hundred years of naked plutocracy out of the working peoples of the West.

From the point of view of anyone who still believed that Communism stood for 'Workers' Power', the admission of Communist China, the last hope of those who yet dreamed of a 'socialist workers' paradise' arising out of Marxist revolution, to one of the governing bodies of World. Capitalism is only equalled by the similar behaviour of the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm who, having seized control of a farm by leading the animals in a revolution against 'human exploitation' ended up exploiting them worse than ever and boozing and gambling the profits away with the stalwarts of the local Farmers' Union.


And from the point of view of anyone who still believes that Tories and plutocrats would 'save the West from Communism', the sight of Tory ministers crawling to and arch-plutocrats admitting to their highest councils fanatical Communists sworn to destroy the West must seem suicidal insanity beyond belief.

But from a radical Nationalist point of view it is far from surprising. For we know that the Capitalists, the Chinese and all other Communists are sworn to destroy a united West made up of free, proud and prosperous nations. Nations run by and for their native working folk, nations with their roots sunk deep in the traditions of our Race and the peoples that comprise it and with their branches reaching skywards to a better life for all members of the folk-community and the fulfilment of their national destinies. A West in which all those who labour by hand and brain for the common good share in the fruits of the wealth they have created and play a part in the guidance of the land in which they live according to their wisdom and abilities. The true 'Workers' Paradise', the West that might be, not the West that is.

The West that is the West of sinister Zurich gnomes, ruthless alien money-grabbing plutocrats, swindling financiers who make vast fortunes without creating the least quantity of goods and services for the working folk whose economic lifeblood they suck to enjoy. The West that is represented in this country by penguin-suited Tory Champagne Charlies and toad-like 'Socialist' millionaires who having financed the conning of British workers for a few years are rewarded by being permitted to foul the air of the House of Lords with their evil croaks and gutteral foreign accents. This West is no foe of Communism, and the Communists do not seek to destroy it. Instead, it seeks to destroy us.

Indeed, whatever the poor fools who were its cannon-fodder in revolution, subversion and war may have believed, Soviet and Chinese Communism is not the enemy but the logical consummation of Capitalism. Throughout the growth of Capitalism, there has been a remorseless progression towards the concentration of more and more economic power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Fewer and fewer big capitalist combines tended to own more and more of the economy, while at the same time within each combine the role of individual free enterprise tended to diminish in favour of faceless committees, trusts and 'shareholders' representatives', often representing other combines. In modern Communist states, this has reached its logical conclusion: all economic power is concentrated in the hands of one Capitalist combine, 'the State', controlled by a tiny clique of party bosses, sometimes indeed one man, with all trace of individuality or free enterprise strangled in a web of corporate bureaucracy that would be the envy of Ford, IBM or ITT. The 'labour relations' prevailing in Communist states, where the workers are reduced to slaves, cowed and lashed to the assembly line by the fear of butchery, torture and Red terror, shot for 'economic sabotage' if they strike, is the ultimate in 'business efficiency' (though, like Capitalism in general, it leads to an inefficient and wasteful economic mess). No 'Union troublemakers' or 'bolshie shop stewards' in the Communist Empires!


No wonder, when they find a Communist power which, unlike the Soviets, is safely remote from their home base and seeks to expand only (for now!) at the expense of areas such as Siberia, fairly free of Western investment on a large scale, the Capitalists of the West rush to flatter it, arm it, trade with it and even invite it onto their global 'Board of Directors'. In the short term, trade and investment in a land where the workers are actual slaves as well as wage-slaves promises a massive profit for all (except us, but we don't matter). And in the long term, the Chinese Empire, in which a tiny elite lord it in power and wealth over a vast racially-mongrelised mass of serfs is what, through ever-increasing finance and State-Capitalist power and the steady reduction of the ordinary working man's say in the running of the plant whence he derives his livelihood, together with massive importation of cheap Coloured labour and its mongrelisation with brainwashed natives, is the future the IMF and the Communist Party together have in store for us all. Unless we do something to stop them.

As in Orwell's story, Communist pigs and Capitalist farmers are fit company for each other. It is us poor workhorses they both plan to send to the knacker's yard. Are we going to go meekly to the slaughter, or by joining and fighting with the radical nationalist movement, are we going to give the one good solid kick with which the meekest workhorse can flatten the fattest pig and the biggest farmer? It's your choice ― it's our future...