Roots of Radicalism



THERE are four main premises upon which the National Front's ideology is based. The first three are Social Justice, Racial Purity and National Sovereignty. The fourth is the deep-rooted belief that man must again learn to live in harmony with the forces of nature instead of waging constant war against them. This particular facet of our world-view is even more relevant today, at a time when industrial capitalism is poisoning the earth in the name of 'progress'.

In order to highlight the National Front's views regarding ecology, we have included a centre-page spread in this issue which deals specifically with our attitudes towards the environment. There is a full page article on the disastrous effects of acid rain on the wildlife of Britain and Europe, [See below] while there are shorter articles on various other aspects of the ecology debate.

From now on Nationalism Today will put more emphasis on environmental issues, especially since, as Nationalists, we have an idealistic and moral duty to protect our heritage. We draw our strength from the spirit of our forefathers and it can hardly be denied that our forefathers felt a far more healthy affinity with the forces of nature than do the mindless sheep who inhabit our modern-day cities.

Modern man has been uprooted from the soil and placed in an artificial concrete world where he has become little more than a wage slave. He is no longer even able to feed or clothe himself, relying totally on the charity of the System before he can obtain these basic necessities of life. He has to work in the System's factories and the System's offices in order to be awarded the wage, paid with the System's paper money, which enables him to buy the things he needs from the System's shops.

The overall result of this mass exodus from the land has been disastrous. The British people have forsaken the old way of life which was simple, but which conferred upon them happiness, fulfillment and. above all. freedom. In return they have adopted a way of life which is totally divorced from nature; a way of life in which the new gods are the latest car, the latest video machine and the latest computer game.

But what is even more alarming are the long-term implications of this urbanised System. The artificial world man has created for himself is in the process of arrogantly pushing nature to one side. The System is discarding mother earth as though she is of no consequence.

This war which man is now waging against nature is not only foolhardy, it is downright dangerous. We can't go on polluting the atmosphere, we can't go on poisoning the sea, we can't go on slaughtering our wildlife forever. Sooner or later, future generations will have to pay for the folly of ignoring nature. Are we going to bequeath to future generations of our Race a world which is drained of wildlife and poisoned with chemicals?

Man lives in far closer unity with nature than he realises. Our mother earth has been ruthlessly exploited and poisoned for far too long, and no organism can live forever without nourishment. It is up to us to build a Britain in which our people will once again live in harmony with nature. It is up to us to destroy the capitalist System which is not only enslaving the people but is also destroying the land they live on. Finally, it is up to us to build up a Britain where the people are united by the eternal bonds of blood and soil.


MORE than 120 Scottish lochs and rivers and 11 lakes and streams in the Lake District are seriously contaminated by acid rain, a report published in January disclosed.

Furthermore, the report continued, this will lead Britain towards total environmental disaster unless something is done soon. Agriculture is already estimated to be losing at least £25 million a year through acid-stunted growth, and fish stocks in many Welsh salmon and trout rivers are declining because of increased acidity.

The report added that corrosion is causing millions of pounds worth of damage to buildings and machines.

The figures were published in the January issue of Footloose, the environment and outdoor pursuit magazine, which urged the Government to act swiftly to control acid pollution from car exhausts, power stations and industry.

Acid rain is caused by sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide from smoke and fumes dissolved in tiny water droplets in the atmosphere. These fall as rain contaminated by sulphuric and nitric acids.

Footloose was one of the first voices raised against acid rain in Britain just under two years ago. Since then the situation has deteriorated rapidly.

“There have been a lot of platitudes from the Government, but no action”, said the report's author, Mr Donald Philpott. “The great danger is that we will not act until it is too late”.

“Everywhere the problem is the same”, he continued. “The acidity of the rainfall is increasing, and therefore the acidity of the water running into streams and lakes.”

“First the insects die, then the young fish and finally the mature fish. The birds and animals that rely on them are the next to suffer as their bodies take in dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. And if the tree population is decimated that could have effects on oxygen production”.

The response of the Tory Government to these alarming figures was absolutely pathetic. They recognised that the destruction to wildlife caused by acid rain was widespread but they refused to take any action until even more reports had been commissioned. This may keep dozens of bureaucratic civil servants busy for a few more years but it will do nothing to save British wildlife.

And the threat to the British countryside is a very real one when one considers the damage caused by acid rain in Europe and America.

In West Germany the great forests, which cover a third of the country, are literally being killed by the rain.

The Black Forest is an integral part of the folk heritage of Germany, being a rich source of myth and song, but now industrial pollution is sounding the death toll. Here and there in the forest, hand-lettered signs posted on trees by protestors sound a grim note: "Dying forest" ... "I am being killed by air pollution".

And the signs do not exaggerate. The Black Forest is dying.

"If pollution continues at the present rate" says Gerhard Weiser, agriculture and forestry minister for Baden-Wurttemberg, "most of the fir and spruce trees in the Black Forest will be dead by the 1990's". In the past two years, the number of healthy firs has dropped alarmingly from 66 per-cent to only one per-cent. In some areas, 94 per-cent of spruce trees are also affected.


"Two years ago, there wasn't an unhealthy tree here," says Karl-Viktor Gutzweiler, head forester of a 15,000 acre section of Black Forest near Baden Baden. "Now half of my firs are sick, really sick, and a third of my spruce are going.

"When you cut down a tree, you can tell from the rings that the disease started ten years ago. Until then, you got regular, well-spaced rings showing good growth. From the early 1970's, the growth is more stunted and uneven. By the time the symptoms are visible it is already too late".

However, acid rain is not only killing wildlife in Britain and Germany. It is caused by industrial pollution and, as such, acid rain is affecting the whole of the industrialised world. For instance, even higher levels of acid rain than are present in either Germany or Britain have been recorded in Scandinavia and North America.

Whole forests have been decimated by acid rain in Norway, while in Canada and the US thousands of lakes and rivers are no longer able to support plants and fish. Air pollution from the giant industrial centres of the Great Lakes is the biggest thorn in current Canadian-US relations. The American National Commission on Air Quality admits that the US exports four times as much pollution to Canada as it imports from it.

Although half of Canada's acid rain comes from US power plants, the world's biggest source of sulphur dioxide pollution is, ironically, Canadian. The nickel and copper smelting plant at Sudbury, Ontario pours out more than a million tonnes of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere each year. This sulphur dioxide is, in turn, falling back to earth as sulphuric acid in rain water.

But it is in Germany that people are beginning to realise the full implications of rain pollution. Professor Peter Schuett reminded us that the forests are essential for replacing oxygen into the atmosphere. If the forests are killed by acid rain, then there must be a drop-back in the amount of oxygen replaced. "We are on the point of destroying the basis of our life" he said.

Meanwhile, a German conservationist group preferred to recite the wisdom of an old German proverb: "First the forests die, then man" ....

AS A POST-SCRIPT to the main thrust of this article, it is worth noting a recent development which epitomises the attitude of the Tory Government to the problem of acid rain pollution in this country.

On January 17th, just two weeks after the publication of the report on acid rain in Footloose magazine, the Government announced that it was granting millions of pounds in aid for a forestry scheme which involves the continuous planting and harvesting of trees over 75,000 acres of land. At first sight it would appear that this Government aid should be applauded since it would help to replace trees which have been killed by acid rain. There is one snag, however, the Government aid is going to India and the trees are to be planted in the Indian state of Karnataka.

The amount which the Tories have granted to India is £25 million! Exactly the same amount which it is estimated British agriculture is losing each year thanks to acid rain pollution!