Roots of Radicalism

RACE: What the scientists say

The fourth in a series about the great racial scientists, by Steve Brady


AMONGST those who have laboured valiantly to disseminate the scientific truth about racial differences, the name of Professor Wesley Critz George is well deserving of honour.

Professor George enjoyed a distinguished academic career, winning a Ph.D in Zoology, being for many years Professor of Histology and Embryology at the University of North Carolina Medical School's Department of Anatomy. In that capacity, he contributed impressively to the education and training of many thousands of doctors throughout the United States.

And it was to this learned human anatomist that the Governor of the State of Alabama turned for the truth, when confronted with sundry United Nations Declarations on Race and the opinions of assorted sociologists and 'cultural anthropologists'. The U.S. Federal Government used these to unleash combat troops on the White working people of the Deep South in a bid to impose forcible race-mixing upon them.

Beginning with the notorious Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954, the central government in Washington trampled down the States' Rights enshrined in the original U.S. Constitution in a bid to force 'integration' on the people of the southern states. The first young Blacks were escorted by Federal Soldiers into the White schools they have since taken over and terrorised. In Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957, poor White farmers and working men defending their way of life, were smashed aside by men of the crack 44th Airborne Division, rifles ready, bayonets fixed, sent on the personal orders of President Eisenhower. As the Sixties dawned, mobs of Negroes led by half-castes and New York Jews rampaged the South, rooting out every last trace of White identity in the feverish quest for 'equality' which was to reduce America to its present degraded pass.


It was in this atmosphere of integrationist hysteria that the State Government of beleaguered Alabama asked Professor George to prepare an impartial, scientifically accurate, but also generally intelligible, report on the facts of Race and racial equality - and inequality. The resulting official report, The Biology of the Race Problem, was published in 1962.

Twenty-two years later, this report retains its accuracy and relevance. Though many scientists have amplified and expanded upon the findings it cites, Professor George's work retains its essential validity today. Combining factual accuracy with clear under-standability to the ordinary man in the street, The Biology of the Race Problem remains easily the best short introduction to the Race question for the ordinary reader.

Professor George makes crystal clear what the genuine experts on the field of Race have always known: that the mental, as well physical, differences between the races of Man are substantial and primarily inherited. Thus attempts to simply ignore these hard, scientific realities and impose 'racial equality' by forced racial integration, will always fail as they have always done. Politically, we may feel a stable multiracial society is undesirable, Scientifically, factually, as Professor George ably demonstrates, it is impossible.

Professor George's booklet opens with a sound explanation of the biological principles of heredity and of the classification of Man into races. He proceeds to provide an incisive overview, backed up at every step by hard, documented references to the original research, of the nature and extent of racial differences, especially between Whites and Negroes, in intelligence, physical anatomy, and even brain structure. He goes on to document the Negroes' low contribution to human history ― alone of the major human races, they never developed their own civilization, nor even invented the wheel. He also effectively demolishes attempts to explain away the Negroes' backwardness on environmental grounds.

Invaluable as all this is to new recruits to our Cause, it is the final chapter of the Professor's booklet, dealing with the authors of the pro-racemixing case in America, which will be of interest to any Nationalist. For here George shows that the academics whose strident preachings were primarily used to change the climate of intellectual acceptability in America from awareness to wilful ignorance of racial differences were largely unqualified to express professional opinions on the subject at all. They were also largely an interwoven 'mafia' of ex-students of one man, Franz Boas, Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University from 1899 to 1936.


Boas, a Jew, was a crank and charlatan who believed, amongst other similarly strange notions, that so much were racial differences due to environment that after a few generations in the country White North Americans would end up looking like Red Indians! (The Afrikaners, by the same logic, should all have turned into Negroes long ago!) He was also pro-Communist and openly advocated racemixing as the Final Solution to the race problem.

The students of this 'Godfather' of academic racemixing are a litany of the leading pro-racemixers of mid-20th-Century America. They also share a familiar ethnic theme: Isidor Chein, Melville Herskovits, Ashley Montagu, Otto Klineberg, Gene Weltfish. One of the few Boas students to break this Hebraic litany, Margaret Mead, was recently exposed as a fraud who faked the findings cited in her 'classic' Coming of Age in Samoa.

Professor George's The Biology of the Race Problem is matched, only by Professor Carleton Coon's The Origin of Races and Dr. J.R. Baker's Race as essential reading for anyone who seeks a real understanding of the facts behind the crucial question of racial differences. The citizens of Alabama lost their fight in the early Sixties to save their land from racemixing, largely due to the spinelessness of their leaders when put to the test. But, by commissioning Professor George to write his book, they may well yet have played an important part in the final victory of their Cause, and ours ― that of White racial survival.