Roots of Radicalism


By Joe Pearce

SINCE the start of this year, my colleagues and I have deliberately avoided any mention of George Orwell's classic book 1984. We knew that everybody from Margaret Thatcher to Ken Livingstone would be paying tribute to Orwell, even though Orwell himself would be horrified by the actions of those who praise him. For instance, Ken Livingstone 'celebrated' 1984 by launching the GLC's 'Anti-Racist Year' which is designed to make racialism a 'thoughtcrime', while Margaret Thatcher's reactionary regime continues to strengthen the power of the police at the expense of individual freedom.

Is it any wonder, when faced with these blatant examples of what Orwell called 'doublespeak', that Nationalism Today has refused to become embroiled in the sickening hypocrisy which has accompanied so many George Orwell tributes?

However, following a number of police raids on the homes of National Front members and supporters on February 28th, it has become impossible to avoid the obvious parallels which exist between the actions of Big Brother's 'thought police' in 1984 the novel, and Big Sister's 'thought police' in 1984, the reality.

I was one of the National Front members who had the dubious distinction of being visited on February 28th. I was just thinking of getting up when I heard several loud raps on the door. Wondering who could be calling for me at that time of the morning (about 7.45am), I got up and went downstairs to answer the door.


On opening the door, I was confronted by five smartly dressed men in three-piece suits who immediately tried to push me to one side and enter the house. They looked like the sort of plastic gangsters that make guest appearances on T.V. shows like Minder, and my initial observation proved fairly accurate when one of them waved a police ID card under my nose.

They informed me that they had a search warrant under, of all things, the Obscene Publications Act, and they told me that they were from the Obscene Publications Squad at New Scotland Yard. However, I was not surprised to learn that the two officers in charge were in fact from Scotland Yard's Community Relations Branch, the Establishment's Race Squad. They were Detective Superintendent Harley and Inspector Donald Edwardson.

When I later sought legal advice as to what action I could take regarding these raids, my solicitor was astonished to learn that the search had been carried out under the auspices of the Obscene Publications Act. He was as shocked as I was that a man's political views can now be considered under law to be "obscene".

It does not take a genius to recognise the implications of this latest Establishment ploy. If an idea can be considered 'obscene' by law, then the person who holds those views can be considered 'sick' and assigned to a 'suitable' hospital for 'treatment'. Admittedly we haven't reached that stage yet, but there can be no denying that the underlying trend is moving steadily in that direction. The precedent has been set by these raids, and the repercussions are yet to be faced.

Anyway, returning to the scene of the raid on my home, the five police officers stormed into my bedroom, waking my pregnant wife Gina and then entered the other bedroom and woke up my eleven month old baby Lorna. They then proceeded to ransack the whole house.


Amongst the 'obscene publications' that they sealed in plastic bags and took away with them were a complete set of Nationalism Today, going back to issue one and a complete set of Bulldog. They also took a portable typewriter and several issues of National Front News and New Nation. Other 'obscene publications' which they confiscated included my wife's address book, two photo albums containing wedding photographs and pictures of my baby, and, last but not least, a football game!

As absurd as it may sound to think of five plain clothed policemen walking off with wedding photographs and a football game, I believe that there was a clear political motivation even behind the confiscation of these apparently harmless items. The Community Relations Branch of Scotland Yard have tried to intimidate* me into taking a back seat on a number of other occasions before now, most notably with the six month prison sentence in January 1982. I believe that they now recognise that I am unlikely to bow to any further pressure from them so they are hoping that I will bow to pressure from my wife. By stealing items they know to be personally valuable to Gina, they are hoping that the pressure will get to her and that she will consequently start to put the pressure on me to play a less active role in the movement.

However, if that is their plan they are going to be disappointed. Gina is not a faint-hearted girl, and her first reaction, far from moaning at me, was to call in at the local police station and make an official complaint against the two members of the Race Squad who had masterminded the raid!

Gina also managed to slip out of the house while the raid was going on. She caught a mini-cab to Newham, in East London, her intention being to get the assistance of NF Deputy Chairman Ian Anderson.' However, when she arrived at Ian's flat she found that his flat was also being raided. Later still, we found out that the Establishment's Big Brother operation had been even more widespread. Four other addresses of NF sympathisers in South East England had been raided on the same morning.

At the time of writing, the police have only returned a handful of the possessions which they stole from my house. Time will tell whether or not they are contemplating a prosecution of any sort, although it is difficult to believe that they would have gone to all this trouble if they weren't considering even further oppressive actions in the future.

While all Racial Nationalists will be outraged by this anti-British repression, they should not be surprised by it. On the contrary, they should have expected oppression to come sooner or later and should feel pleased and proud that it has arrived. Nationalists should have expected the oppression because it was always inevitable that the multi-racial state would take measures to protect itself when it saw itself threatened. Consequently, we should feel pleased and proud because the oppression only indicates that we are being effective in our political activity. The only time the Nationalist movement should despair is when it is being ignored because when the National Front is ignored it will mean that is has become irrelevant.

This being the case, the only way for the National Front to fight back against this repression is to increase our commitment and our efforts even more. National Front members and supporters should respond to oppression in the same way that they have always responded in the past ― by fighting even harder!

It has been said that every blow that doesn't knock you down makes you stronger. The National Front is the last bastion of White civilisation in Britain and it will take more than a couple of police raids or prison sentences to destroy the spirit of National Pride and Racial Survival.

The National Front is not content to continue as we are and to survive, we are intent on coming to power. We are not content to merely haunt the multi-racial Establishment we are intent on totally destroying it!