Roots of Radicalism

Why Reds Scab on the Miners


THE MINERS' desperate struggle to save Britain's coal industry has received loudly trumpeted support from the Communist Party and its Labour allies. Some miners' leaders such as Arthur Scargill have expressed corresponding support for the Communists. Yet the miners' struggle is being betrayed, and Thatcher given powerful material aid in crushing them, their union and our chances of independence in energy supply – by the Communists.

For, as miners fight desperately on the picket lines to deprive the Tory regime of coal supplies, hundreds of thousands of tons of the precious fuel are pouring into the country – courtesy of the Communist rulers of Poland. Armed with this cheap Communist coal, Thatcher and her hired American axeman MacGregor can afford to sit back, and watch while a combination of media lies and the increasing suffering of their families weakens the miners' resolve, until, they hope, the miners surrender rather than see their children starve.

The Polish Communist Government's only response to increasingly desperate official appeals from the miners' Union to "show working class solidarity" and stop black-legging on the NUM and undermining their members' heroic efforts has been to increase their supplies of coal to the Tories. After all, the Polish Reds are making lots of lovely profits and earning foreign exchange out of stabbing the miners' in the back.


This betrayal of the miners' by the Polish Communists is the more ironic since top miners' union careerists like Arthur Scargill and Kent NUM leader Jack Collins have always gone out of their way to praise that regime. Scargill and Collins went so far as to give public support to the Army coup of General Jaruszelski and the military junta's crushing of the free Polish trades union Solidarity. In return, the Polish Red military dictatorship is now backing Thatcher's Tories in crushing the NUM, whilst the anti-Communist Solidarity backs the British miners. No wonder the miners who thought the Communists were "on their side" are ever more confused as well as angry.

But radical Nationalists are not confused at all. Because we know that, at root, the Tories who rule Britain and the Reds who rule Poland, are on the same side. And that's the opposite side to the miners, and to the workers of Britain and the World. Because Thatcher's Tories and Jaruszelski's Communists – and for that matter the Trotsky-ites and the Labour 'Left' – are alike economic centralists. They all want to take economic, and political, power away from ordinary working people and put it in their own hands. The Tories want to put control of industry and national wealth in the hands of a few plutocrats. The Reds want to put that control in the hands of a few bureaucrats. Either way we, the workers who create the wealth in the first place, don't get a look in. The Reds don't want real workers' power – direct control by the workers over their own workplace through handing industry over to workers' co-operatives and small family businesses, as advocated by the NF – any more than the Tories do. Reds and Tories alike want to subject those they rule to a vast, inhuman, economically centralised machine, in which idealism, heroism, individual freedom and common humanity are all ground into oblivion beneath the iron heel of economic dogma, counting for nothing beside the cold register of profit and loss, the dividend to the shareholders or the Plan of the State. To Tory and Marxist alike, it is money – economic motives above all – that makes the world go around. Ordinary human beings to them are just production-consumption units, whose hopes, aspirations and dreams are to be ignored or despised, and whose attempts to mobilise in the service of such higher goals are to be ruthlessly smashed, be those striving under the banner of the NUM, Solidarity or the National Front.


Conservative and Communist may quarrel as to which brand of economic centralist is to exploit which country. That's the reason – the only reason – the Reds in Britain back the miners, as a weapon to be used to sieze power off the Tories, after which the NUM, if it failed to do as it was told, would go the way Solidarity went. Similarly, the Tories sound off against the "Red Menace". But at heart they are all the same. The reactionary plutocrats who rule Tory Britain, and the reactionary army officers who rule "Peoples' Poland" – and, for that matter, the old men in the Pentagon and the old men in the Kremlin – have more in common with each other than either has with the ordinary folk in the lands they govern. No wonder, then. that the Polish Reds supply Thatcher with coal to break the miners, and the Western banks supply Poland's Communists with loans and credits to crush Solidarity.

The real "class war", all over the World, is between the ruling class and the rest, between the bosses, East and West, Capitalist and Communist, of the Old System and those who would be free, nationally and racially as well as economically. It is a war between centralized economic slavery and individual liberty, between those who aspire to culture, science, nobility, love of land and of people, all the higher aspirations of which humanity is capable, and those who serve, and would have us all serve, no end higher than materialistic greed for wealth and personal power. It is a war which, whether they know it or not, puts Thatcher and Kinnock and Steel, Tory and Liberal and Red, the Socialist Workers Party and the Special Branch, Reagan and Chernenko and Deng Hsaio-Ping on one side. And the National Union of Mineworkers, and Solidarity, and the National Front and patriots and defenders of national identity from Wales to the Ukraine, on the other. It is a war which our side, the side of freedom, can and will win ― if all of our side sees the common fight, and knows the common enemy, and refuses to be used by that enemy against their real allies. For they are few, and we are many; they are wrong, and we are right, and their day is ending, and ours has yet to dawn ....