Roots of Radicalism

The Identity Of Freedom



STANDING UP for an individual's identity and liberty in the face of State repression has always been a favourite political hobby-horse for the Left. How often have we heard their spokesmen, be they sitting MP's or pop singers, decry the fact that people are becoming no more than numbers, a "statistic on a computer", as they like to put it. How often have we heard the likes of Neil Kinnock or Tony Benn waffling on about the erosion of individual freedoms, be it the right to travel freely around the country ― for their causes ― or squat happily at a peace camp?

To my mind, it has always seemed strange that people such as these, who have done so much to destroy racial and national identity and freedom, should then get into such a state of flustered confusion when it comes to the threat posed to these values at the level of the individual. The average Labour Party 'young radical' or Red Action 'militant' may claim to represent a fight for what they poorly define as "power to the people", but in actual fact, their desire to create a rootless, raceless society is bringing about exactly the opposite to what they are supposed to desire. How can such people really argue that they are political non-conformists, when everything they do by way of political action is designed to impose a tyrannical conformity on others? The destruction of races and nations is part of this process; the destruction of the individual is only the next logical step.


In seeking to understand the implications of what has been said above, one can do no better than recall the works of Belloc, Chesterton and Orwell. For both Belloc and Chesterton, real freedom was implicity tied in with the individual's right to an identity based on the expression of his or her talents and characteristics to the fullest extent ― i.e. freedom based on diversity rather than false equality. Freedom and identity were thus seen as two sides of the same coin, with neither being able to exist without the other. All this is in stark contrast to warped notions of freedom produced by the Left, which sees it in terms of freaked-out permissiveness and no name, no race, no face 'socialism'. For most, if not all this type, freedom has become dangerously confused with false ideas of equality and liberty that have no scientific or historical basis. By cutting a man off from his roots ― i.e. by denying him a pride in his race and nation ― you are killing part of his mind and robbing him of the very identity which prevents him from becoming just another number.

It is on this theme that Orwell's 1984 is so relevant. In his state of 'Oceania', the population is divided up into the proles and members of 'The Party'. Neither of these groups has any freedom or identity as nationalists understand the terms, but instead live out the logical conclusion of the One Worlders' vision. For the proles there is only freedom to stagnate and be indolent, to do nothing and care less. Theirs is only freedom to be drunk, to fight and to die in filth. Their base amusements are all controlled by the State in order to keep them that way.They are deluged with pornography, with comic newspapers and lotteries nobody ever wins. For the members of The Party, all forms of individual expression are forbidden. As the fanatical O'Brien says to the rebel Winston Smith during the latter's 'cure' of torture and brainwashing: "There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother ... no laughter ... no art, no literature, no science." Lest anyone rebel against The Party, the language of Oceania is being so reduced as to make it impossible for anybody to have any words by which to conceive of revolt and rebellion.


Thus do we see the good work of the B.B.C. and of Fleet Street, of the caring G.L.C. and other bodies brought to its horrible conclusion. As this article is typed, the masses are kept in check with porno comics which pass for newspapers, with bingo games and lotteries they have not a hope of winning, and with the insiduous poison they take in through their own viewscreens. As for our language, the reduction of the vocabulary has already begun with the Commission for Racial Equality and its sundry cohorts removing 'offensive' words and even whole books from our libraries. Orwell's Anti-Sex League would find willing allies in Haringey Council, with their diatribes against hetrosexual behaviour, and Lewisham's removal of the word 'family' from its literature. Our past would also be rewritten by these zealots, who would expunge White achievements from the records and replace them with non-existent Black glories ― for them all reference to race, nation, gender, and all competing pleasures must be destroyed before their twisted visions can become reality.

The ironic thing is, of course, that such people would never think that they themselves might be the prophets of Orwell's hell. For most, if not all of them, it is only the perverted sense of values that this rotten society that gives them such an awful outlook on life. They are not to be seen, therefore, as the masters of such a system, but merely as its tools. The actual masters, the "Inner Party", to use Orwell's term, are in many cases the very people the Left are supposed to be fighting against ― i.e. the Capitalists, Zionists and wayward communists of the type denounced by Socialist Workers and Euro Communists everywhere. However, what none of our 'radical' friends realise is that their 'opponents' have a greed for power that even O'Brien might find hard to match, and in pursuit of that greed for power they will employ every trick, deceit and fraudulent gospel they can, and that includes using these so-called radicals to bring about the mass conformity they crave. In Orwell's Oceania, the only book of counter-revolution was written by The Party to lead deviants and people inclined to rebel up the garden path. Likewise, the Capitalists and Zionists have their Communist 'alternative', which is no alternative at all.

It is into this unhappy tumult that we in the NF must bring the banner of National Freedom and Social Justice, for only we truly value and understand the nature of the identity given to all beings in this world, and only we dare to name the evil forces that would destroy both NF and Red Action member alike. The alternative to what we expound is a continual spiral downwards to the point where only a small ruling clique would have an identity, and then only among themselves. For the rest it would be, as Orwell says: "... a boot stamping on the human face ― for ever."