Roots of Radicalism

THE RIOTS: An Open Letter to Blacks in Britain

Dear Sirs,

It's time to talk.

As the events of recent weeks have shown, the multi-racial 'melting pot' experiment has failed. The racial polarisation that is inevitable as a result has only just begun, but the signs are that the explosion of racial violence that it will bring will make the bloody tragedy of Northern Ireland look like a playground punch-up.

After the Black Rebellions of 1981, Nationalism Today, the main ideological magazine of the National Front, sent an Open Letter to many members of the White Establishment, including William Whitelaw, the then Home Secretary, other MP's, police chiefs and newspaper editors.

In the letter, we told them to face the fact that, whatever the minor contributing effect of unemployment, the factors underlying the violence were much more profound ones of racial tension and total alienation. We pointed out that it was too late to rely on changes in police tactics and said that "any attempt at conciliation, any 'low profile' policy will merely be seen as cowardice and surrender. Aggressive policing, on the other hand, will only serve to alienate still further the Immigrant communities, paving the way to urban terrorism".

MULTI-RACIALISM: Another fine mess they've got us in to

We warned four years ago that the problem could not be swept under the carpet and that sooner or later the question of repatriation would have to be dealt with. We believe that recent events bear out what we said to the Establishment then and give us the right to comment and be listened to now: "The riots-have already given a great boost to the development of American-style Black ghettoes, as shops, businesses and Whites are driven out by the looting and the rising tide of violence. The steadily growing White backlash is in turn isolating the Blacks still further".

"Many Immigrants can see what is happening and are desperate to return to their own homelands. We wish them well. Race-mixing is opposed by decent people of ALL colours and we bear no ill will to Blacks who, like us, want to maintain their own culture and identity."

"Your refusal to assist their return home, however, condemns most of them to stay in a Britain where they feel alien, where there is no place for them and where they are not wanted. The polarisation between Black and White, already very marked, will continue apace. Your refusal to face up to the facts will widen the gulf still further. You will therefore be responsible for the coming Race War!"

We warned them, just as many Black community leaders warned them, but they ignored or condemned us, just as they ignore and patronise you.

The result is that Britain is sliding, by fits and starts, but inexorably, towards Race conflict on an unprecedented scale. But that violence will not worry the Hampstead intellectuals or the politicians in their country estates, for it will not affect them. The victims will be ordinary people ― so why should the politicians or the capitalists who exploit all of us give a damn?

The Establishment is burying its head in the sand, we and you cannot afford to. It is our communities that are going to get hurt, and our political organisations that are going to be hit by repressive police attempts to keep the lid on the boiling pot of racial violence.

If there is any way in which we can solve the problem peacefully and stop the coming explosion, then we have an absolute duty to do so. We don't know if we can, things may already have gone too far, but we must try. The first thing to do is to bury our pride, control our naturally deep suspicions of each other and sit down and TALK.

We are not the first people to suggest this. Several years ago Jah Shaka was reported in the music press as saying "if I could meet with the leaders of the National Front it would solve a lot of problems." Two representatives of a minor White racialist group actually addressed Rastafarians in the West Midlands. Across the Atlantic, White Pride activists have also held discussions with the Black Muslim separatist movement of Louis Farrakhan.

Now it is time for the leaders of the Black community in Britain and the National Front to do the same. For far too long, we have relied on the liars of the Establishment press for our information about each other. This is useless. We want to hear direct from you how you see the future of your people in a Britain wracked by economic collapse and racial violence. And we want to explain face to face how we view the future and how we believe that repatriation can be achieved with justice and humanity. All you will ever get from the Establishment is patronising and hypocritical cant. From us you will only get the truth. Which do you want?

All around the world, the different races have reached a parting of the ways. Either we can continue down the same multi-racial road that has made big profits for international capitalism but which has brought us to the brink of communal war, or we can recognise that our destinies differ and go our separate ways in peace. Now is the time to decide which it is to be.

Accordingly, we invite you to contact the National Front. We will publish this Open Letter in Nationalism Today and will gladly print constructive replies. More importantly, we ask you to respect the sincerity of this offer and contact us with a view to arranging a meeting or series of meetings, at which leading members of the Black community can meet with the leaders of the National Front. What the results of this would be no-one can tell, but the only other alternative is so horrific that it is surely our duty to give it a try.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin,

Deputy Chairman, National Front.