Roots of Radicalism

The 'Big Apple' Crumbles

This was one of the last articles to be written by Joe Pearce, before being incarcerated for twelve months under the Race Act. In it he analyses life in the materialist society that is New York.

Filthy, squalid and degrading - the streets of New York show the city's decline.

NEW YORK, the heart of America and capital of the Yank-controlled world, is dying. This was the conclusion of Roger Starr, a member of the New York Times editorial board, in his recent book The Rise And Fall Of New York City.

In this book the rapid decline of New York is well documented by Mr Starr who has witnessed the city's decay at close quarters. For instance, he recalls two power failures in the city, one in 1965 and the other in 1977. Subway trains were left between stations, lifts between floors, and streets unlit. In 1965 nothing much happened except that nine months later more babies than usual were born. Twelve years later, in 1977, looters sacked stores, and there were 4,500 arrests. The difference in public behaviour was, says Mr Starr, cataclysmic. Since 1977 the decline has continued apace. Life in 1985, New York style, is like a never ending catalogue of horrors:


Two boys, to get their revenge on a subway clerk, who had stopped them jumping turnstiles, returned with petrol and burned the woman to death: this is a practice known as torching.

A 14 year-old boy was shot to death for his bicycle and his sister asked: "Couldn't they just have shot him in the leg?" This case, in particular, gets the essence of the whole criminal city ― that violence is expected and accepted. "But couldn't they just have shot him in the leg?"

Any collection of horrors may seem somewhat sensationalist. But here are the words of Robert J. Maguire, former police commissioner of New York:

"It has become a fact that older people in the city are afraid of kids. The statistics are three, four, five times what they were 20 years ago, and the pathology is much worse. The kids who prey on people have a look in their eye that says 'Your life isn't worth anything to me'. Random, gratuitous. Like pulling wings off butterflies, only the butterflies are people."

Besides the problem of violence, there is the drug problem which has reached epidemic proportions in New York on a scale scarcely imaginable in Britain. Furthermore, of the thousands of drug pushers which plague New York, very few are White. This is a fact which even the most liberal-minded would not seek to deny. It is merely a matter of observation, in the courts and in the newspapers, that in a city which is 60% White, most of the criminals are Black or Hispanic.

Even the Jewish mayor of New York, Mayor Koch, was forced to admit the high incidence of non-White crime: "It's true. I think the figures are about 80% of all crimes in the city are committed by Blacks or Hispanics... Of course there'll be beatings and assaulting and robbing of Whites, there's no question of it. Why do criminals go to the almost entirely White upper East Side? Because that's where the money is."


The fact is that White people, and particularly older White people, are afraid of young Blacks and Hispanics. Mayor Koch talks about White Flight, the process whereby Whites who can't insulate themselves simply leave the city altogether instead. Mayor Koch is not a racist, he is a lifelong liberal who is extremely antagonist to the very concept of racialism. Yet he says he has been mugged out of his liberalism by the realities of life in New York. There is no room for liberal fantasising about a multi-racial Utopia in New York these days!

New York's decline is being accelerated by the enormous influx of Hispanics from Puerto Rico and Mexico, and by the determination of these immigrants to maintain their separate identity and separate language. Many Hispanics in New York (and in other cities like Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles), having a legal right to be taught at school in their own language, do not speak enough English to hold down a decent job. They, then, naturally, resent the consequences of this incapacity. So much for the American melting pot.

And what of the city's schools. In 1984, 5,200 assaults, robberies, and drug and sex, offences were reported to the school authorities. In the first four months of the present school year, 621 weapons were confiscated from students. More than 36% of high school pupils were two years behind in reading and more than 40% in maths. On any given day, 20% of the city's high school pupils were absent. Forty per cent of all children, and more than seventy per cent of Blacks and Hispanics, do not complete their high school education. The result of this is that no-one who can afford to do otherwise ever sends his children to the city's schools. Thus the class and race separation of New York becomes ever more marked.

After monitoring the decline of New York, one can't help but being reminded of Oswald Spengler's cyclical view of world history as set forth in his Decline Of The West. In previous civilisations, towns have grown from bartering places, to great cities, to world cities, which, in their doomed way, moved on to final self-destruction.

Perhaps Spengler is about to be proved right with regard to New York. Perhaps that cancerous growth on the eastern coast of the United States which has been responsible for infecting the rest of the world with its Dollar Disease is about to self-destruct. If it does, there will be few tears shed by Racial Nationalists either in Britain or the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, there are lessons to be drawn from New York's decline which are best not ignored.


Firstly, New York is a soulless society where people don't matter. Human value has been relegated to a position of relative insignificance when compared to the far greater value put upon money and material possessions. Thus it is that New York kids "have a look in their eye that says 'Your life isn't worth anything to me.' Random, gratuitous. Like pulling wings off butterflies, only the butterflies are people." Quite simply, people mean nothing in a society where materialistic money worship is the only morality.

Secondly, New York is a rootless, cosmopolitan and multi-racial society where people live an alienated existence in alien surroundings, devoid of any feeling of belonging in either a habitational or historical sense. Thus it is that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans cling to the culture and language of their homelands, realising that the American way of life has nothing whatsoever to offer them.

New York is often called the Big Apple, yet it is a rotten apple, worm-eaten with multi-racial materialism. That, of itself, should not concern us. However, what should concern us is the realisation that the cities of Europe will share New York's fate unless the people of Europe cure themselves of the malady of multi-racial materialism.