Roots of Radicalism



THE history of the White Race to date has been one of unchecked expansion. Our ancestors spread triumphantly first across Europe and then around the World, sweeping aside lesser breeds who stood in our way. Hand in hand with that expansion, unequalled by any other race, has gone a steady and equally unequalled advance in science and technology. Both these trends have found their highest expression so far in the conquest of Space. White men have walked on the Moon, landed robot observatories on Mars and, most recently, sent probes a thousand million miles to send back awe-inspiring photographs of Saturn. The road is open to manned space colonies, the exploitation of the virtually limitless resources of raw materials, energy reserves and industrial sites which await us throughout the Solar System, and, one day, to the stars and the settling of our Race on Earth-like worlds which circle them.

But that road, and the glorious destiny which lies along it, may yet be blocked if shortsighted liberals, blinkered UN bureaucrats, Communists and the endlessly proliferating swarms of 'World' non-Whites get their way.

As far as Britain is concerned, our Establishment chickened out of the space adventure right at the start. We have never had a serious space programme, though we had the technology, resources and Australian launch facilities build one. Our k Arrow planned shuttle (ten years ahead of US) were aborted or never started and what space programme we did have merged into the useless pan-Furopean / ESRO , which has taken ten years to launch a couple of tiny satellites and is now a total shambles.


Now America's programme is menaced. An alliance of liberals who want the money wasted on millions Blacks and Mexicans and reactionaries who want to keep it in the wallets of rich taxpayers like themselves have cut funding for space projects to the bone. Cuts pushed through by liberal and reactionary Senators and Congressmen robbed America of the of her heroic Moon exploration. They axed the last three Apollo moon landings and wrecked plans to follow through into Space with a manned Moonbase colony and manned Mars landing expedition by 1986.

The cuts also sabotaged the Space Shuttle, planned to provide cheap, routine spaceflight without throwing away most of the launch vehicle as happens with rockets like the Saturn V moonship. Inadequate funding has forced designers to cut corners and skimp. As a result, the Shuttle is plagued by problems. Its first launch date keeps being put back and it is costing more to correct design flaws than it would have done to avoid them by more thorough . The cuts have also forced America's NASA space agency to cancel nearly all new space probe launches planned for the 1980's. They even threaten to close down ground stations which receive information and pictures from the probes already in space, so that there may be no one listening when, after years of travelling, Voyager 2 sends back priceless scientific data and photos from the unexplored outer planets Uranus and Neptune. The US Government has cut $million from NASA's planned 1980 budget alone, and America's Space programme is now in dire trouble. Even when it does eventually get off the ground, the economy-size mini-Space Shuttle will be too small to launch interplanetary missions as originally planned.

Disregarding the wave of protests from young White Americans who have not lost the outward urge inborn in our Race, the coalition of senile reactionaries and 1960's vintage liberals in the US Congress, led by 'conservative' Senator William Proxmire, plough on with their gnawing away at America's future in Space.


Worldwide, the threat to our Race's hope of escaping the trap an increasingly non-White infested, polluted, resource-exhausted Earth comes from the United Nations. Here the so-called 'Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space', a Soviet/Third World front, has produced a treaty called the 'Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies'. This 'treaty', if ratified by the Western powers, would put the whole of the Solar System under the total control of the UN. In effect, this would prevent any Western nations from colonising Space, or exploiting the known mineral and energy reserves of the Moon and the rest of the Solar System, which we already have the technology to start doing by the 1980s. These reserves exceed thousands of times over the total, and increasingly exhausted, reserves of the Earth.

The 'treaty' would also stop us moving our heavy, polluting industries off Earth into the safety of Space. It would provide any Earth Government, from the USSR to Uganda, with an unlimited right of inspection of all installations in Space, and would give the UN the right to bar any nation from Space and use military force to implement that or any other decision. It would also forbid all commercial operations in Space, and would mean that any minerals mined in Space would belong, not to the people or nation which mined them, but to the whole of the UN. In other words, African barbarians who have never and will never get past the tops of their native jungle trees by their own efforts will be able to grab the fruits of our labour and our inventive genius. As a number of experts have rightly said, if the pioneering of America had been conducted on this basis, the continent would still be in the hands of the Red Indians!


Obviously, the dusky-hued rabble who make up the majority of the UN General Assembly are backing this treaty because it gives them their only hope of sharing in the spoils of the conquest of Space. But the Soviets have their own Space programme, which has been puttering along, slowly, on copied Western technology. Ten years behind the Americans, but still progressing steadily. They back the Space Treaty for far more sinister reasons. They back it because it puts Space in the hands of the UN ― and they control the UN. The Soviets don't care if it blocks the exploitation of the mineral and energy resources of Space, because they don't have the technology to exploit them anyway ― not for the next fifty years at least. They are playing a very different game. The Soviets know that there is more to be won from Space than minerals, metal ores and cheap energy. There is also power. There is an old military principle, "seize the high ground," and Space is the ultimate high ground. Any nation which establishes a self-supporting base in Space, out of reach of nuclear missiles or other retaliation, knows that its people and its ideology will survive any war, nuclear or otherwise. If it is the only nation in that position, it can dictate terms to the world under threat of destroying civilisation on the ground in a devastating nuclear exchange whilst its space bases survive to carry on and perhaps impose order on the ruined Earth. More, anyone who controls Earth orbital space, and/or the lunar surface, has the same advantage a man at the top of a well enjoys over another at the bottom: he can drop things on him, and is fairly safe from objects thrown back up. Orbital or Moon bases can be used to drop bombs on or fire laser or particle-beam ray guns (which both the US and Soviets are now developing) anywhere in the world, faster and more accurately than Earth-based weapons. The Soviets, with their 'hunter-killer' satellites and their permanently manned Salyut space stations are in the process of building a war machine capable of conquering Earth from Space.


If the Americans ratify the Space Treaty, the Soviets know that the West, barred by UN order from winning profits out of it, may well stay out of Space altogether and let the US Space programme die.

If the Soviets do build a war machine in Space, they are not likely to use it to conquer the World, as simplistic Tory 'anti-Communists' might fear. They would gain nothing, since their Marxist economy is and always has been parasitically dependent upon that of the Capitalist West, as the Soviet leaders well know. Nor is it likely that they, themselves, would or could use their control of near-Earth space to expand the race outwards and seize the incalculable resources on and beyond the Moon for the White Man. Marxist states are incapable of developing the advanced and advancing technology needed to do this. The contrast between the spectacularly successful US planetary probes and the generally totally failed Soviet ones is a good demonstration of this. However, if they could not get out into Space in a big way, they would make sure that no one else would be allowed to either. And, of course, they could and would use their war machine beyond the sky to make certain that any revolt of the serfs through racial nationalism against the Capitalist-Communist World Order would be nipped in the bud.


Fortunately for the future of the World, the idea of looking down an orbiting gun barrel in Communist hands doesn't appeal to many Western Capitalists much either, and it seems likely that America will refuse to ratify the Space Treaty, leading to its collapse ― this time. Not that America will change her policy of winding down her Space effort. Looking at the situation of the US Space Programme today, the prestigious New Scientist said on November 20th: "You have seen the scientific exploration of the Solar System: remember it well to tell your children, for they'll see nothing like it."

Not necessarily. The likely collapse of the UN Space Treaty has granted our Race a reprieve, a reprieve of which we must take full advantage. Never again must UN bureaucrats and Soviet commissars have a chance, with the aid of a non-White rabble, to close the way to the stars. A Nationalist Government in Britain or, if one is formed there first, anywhere else, must press ahead as quickly as possible with a dynamic Space programme. By seizing and exploiting the virtually unlimited resources beyond our World we will guarantee our freedom and the survival of our Nation and Race. We would also reap a harvest of incalculable wealth for every one of our people, offering them the chance of living in prosperity and harmony with the living Earth whilst the factories, mines and power stations producing such wealth circle cleanly far over their heads. More yet, we could offer to the most able and adventurous of our people the chance to take part in the most exciting and rewarding enterprise in history. Most important, we would take the next step towards the fulfilment of our skyward racial destiny.