Roots of Radicalism



This letter has been sent to over one hundred leading members of the Establishment, including William Whitelaw, MPs police chiefs and newspaper editors.

Dear Sir,

RIOTING, LOOTING, ARSON, RAPE, MURDER. In the past few weeks the vultures of multi-racialism have come home to roost.

You can't say you weren't warned. The message from the National Front for over ten years has been that the multi-racial experiment would end in disaster. The confidential reports from Chief Constables in the inner-cities, which YOU have been seeing for years, have carried the same warnings. You have known for a long time that Britain's cities have become time-bombs ― yet you have done nothing.

Now the bombs have started to explode. But still you have seen nothing yet. Dozens of areas are going to be burnt to the ground in explosions that will make Toxteth look like a Tory cheese and wine party. Thousands of shops and businesses will be looted and destroyed until the riots become a major factor in Britain's economic collapse. Police officers and innocent civilians alike will be murdered.

The reason is simple. Multi-racial societies are so contrary to man's very nature that they can never work.

You KNOW that the trouble is RACIAL. All your whining denials cannot hide the inescapable fact that every single riot has started in the most notorious Immigrant area of the city in question. Brixton, Southall, Liverpool 8, Highfields, Handsworth, Chapletown ― this is a Black Rebellion.


In every case, Blacks or Asians were the instigators of the riots. If a SMALL HAND­FUL of White race-mixers then joined in, this does not alter the fact that the riots were started by Blacks and that the overwhelming majority of those taking part were of Immigrant stock. Even in Toxteth, apparently a partial exception to this rule, the Whites involved were either Republican Irish or of mixed race.

The suggestion that the riots are due to unemployment is laughable. The Jarrow marchers did not burn their home town to the ground. If unemployment was to blame today, the first places to explode would have been Corby, Consett, Clydeside and the Rhondda Valley. Entire communities in the old industrial areas have been thrown onto the dole queues without rioting ― because they have no Coloured Immigrants.

Neither does the unemployment theory hold water in the case of wealthy Blacks such as Bob Hazell, of QPR football club, arrested with petrol syphoning equipment in a Birmingham riot.

There is nothing you can do. Britain simply does not have the money to pump enough Danegeld into the inner cities to keep the Immigrant mobs quiet. Even if we could afford it, it would be very dangerous indeed to teach the Blacks that a "good riot" brings millions of pounds of urban aid.

It is too late now to alter police tactics. Any attempt at conciliation, any 'low profile' policy will merely be seen as cowardice and surrender. Aggressive policing, on the other hand, will only serve to alienate still further the Immigrant communities, paving the way to urban terrorism.


The riots have already given a great boost to the development of American-style Black ghettoes, as shops, businesses and Whites are driven out by the looting and the rising tide of violence. The steadily growing White backlash is in turn isolating the Blacks still further.

Many Immigrants can see what is happening and are desperate to return to their own homelands. We wish them well. Race-mixing is opposed by decent people of ALL colours and we bear no ill will to Blacks who, like us, want to maintain their own culture and identity.

Your refusal to assist their return home, however, condemns most of them to stay in a Britain where they feel alien, where there is no place for them and where they are not wanted. The polarisation between Black and White, already very marked, will continue apace. Your refusal to face up to the facts will widen the gulf still further. YOU will therefore be responsible for the coming RACE WAR!

We know that you will not accept responsibility. Instead, the blame will be put on insignificant Marxist groups who try to jump on the bandwagon of racial violence. You will blame lead in petrol. You will find 101 'reasons' for the bloodshed ― every reason except the real one. You will never accept that the multi-racial experiment has failed.

And of all the 'reasons' for the coming Race War, you will portray the National Front as the most important. We, who warned you of what would happen, will be blamed for it. The prophet will be stoned.

Recent weeks have seen an unprecedented rise in anti-NF repression by your courts and your police. Raids on houses; the imprisonment and questioning of women; the arrest of entire families, including babies; vicious beatings and sentences for members arrested for selling newspapers or defending the White community from Black rioters. All these things are now routine hazards for National Front activists.

Stronger Race Laws and a 'reform' of the Public Order Act are also in the pipeline as part of your attempt to smash the NF and destroy the last hope of the British people.

YOU WILL FAIL. All history shows that repression cannot destroy a movement founded on an ideology. Ideas can only be beaten by better ideas, not by brute force.

We have the ideology of British Nationalism. A vision of Britain run by and for the British people. A society based on nation, race and social justice. What is your alternative? An impersonal multi-racial shambles, sinking in the quagmire of economic collapse, forced under by the weight of debt created by your corrupt and immoral financial system.

You will soon drop your hypocritical mask of 'moderation'. You have already turned a blind eye while your tame Communist boot-boys have attacked us and while your mass media has lied about us. Soon you will use your 1984 spying techniques and your riot police against us. Finally, you will ban us.

But you will never destroy us. We may be considered 'extreme' at present, but when the British people realise that your Establishment has failed them, has left them in an extreme crisis, they will seek an 'extreme' solution. In one corner of Britain this has already happened. In Ulster, the 'cranks and extremists' of yesterday are the leading political leaders of today. The same will happen on the mainland.

The multi-racial society YOU created carried from the start the seeds of your destruction. You have failed. GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

Yours faithfully,

Joe Pearce, Nick Griffin, Nick Wakeling

The Editors,

Nationalism Today.