Roots of Radicalism


By Paul Deacon

It was Saturday evening at about nine o'clock and like millions of others I looked to see what was on television. I was, to say the least, downhearted at the choice open to me.

On BBC1 at 9.30 was Roots, repeat. 98% of the population must have seen this tedious serial the first time round, since it was then presented by the saturation technique, in which one block-busting programme dominates several days' viewing and is therefore almost inescapable. Strangely enough, a production called Holocaust was treated to similar publicity. It must surely be a coincidence that both are rabidly anti-White/Gentile? Or perhaps it is merely that the crimes of the guilty White race are so horrific that it needs mammoth productions of this kind to bring them home to the viewers?

Looking at the BBC2 column, I realised with disappointment that I had missed most of a Bernard Levin interview with Lord Weinstock, one of the best-loved Britons of our time. He is, to quote The Times, 'head of GEC and ― because he has had the ear of both Labour and Consevative governments ― a man of much power, nuclear and otherwise.' A great man indeed...

Lord Weinstock

I wonder if Messrs. Levin and Weinstock stayed on to watch Film International at 9.15, featuring the film Bolweiser which, I learn from the Daily Telegraph's summary, 'is based on a book by Oskar Maria Graf, a German pacifist who fled to America in the 1930s when the Nazis began making bonfires with books' and 'is most memorable for the subtle way it conveys the conditions of the lower middle class during the Weimar Republic, conditions which were later to provide the breeding ground for Fascism.' Not being a cultured person, I decided to give that particular masterpiece a miss.

Instead, I pinned my last hopes on ITV's offering ... Magnum. Never again ... Never Again. Magnum befriends a couple of survivors of the Nazi holocaust, but when one of them goes missing he gets himself involved in a case of multiple murder.' At this point I abandoned the television set.

Nationalists have long been aware of the propaganda put out by the mass media, and television has been singled out as an especially effective means of political indoctrination. But what is striking about the programmes I have just mentioned is both the frequency with which they occur on our screens (remember, I only described one night's viewing), and the fact that they do not appear to be politically motivated, being disguised as 'entertainment'.


Roots, for example, although obviously concerned with the history of Blacks in America, masquerades as a family saga with a difference. It is in fact devised to make Whites in the USA and Britain feel guilty about the way Blacks were treated in the Southern States. It deliberately exaggerates the grievances of the Blacks and paints most of the Whites as purely two-dimensional characters. It attempts to provoke pity for a section of the American (and British) population that enjoys far more special privileges than almost any other in the world. It attempts to destroy White people's natural identification with their ancestors and kinsfolk by making them seem revolting and violent savages, while at the same time glorifying the Black characters around whom the programme is based. Since it was written by a Black, this attitude is perhaps to be expected, but why was it ever allowed to be made, let alone given 'classic' status, when it is blatantly biased towards Blacks and therefore racist?


The answer, of course, is that those who own and run the mass media in Britain and America actively inflate Black prestige and imprint guilt into the minds of Whites. This is done to ensure that Whites feel totally intimidated and never regain any pride in their race which might lead them to threaten the grip that the alien media masters have on Western Society. This is the motive behind all references to the 'oppression of Blacks' and the 'Nazi Holocaust'. Every film examining the society that bred the 'evils of Fascism', every play about the 'terrible difficulties' faced by Black families in Britain, every episode of a series in which the hero comes face to face with a 'sinister and dangerous Neo-Nazi threat', carries the same message to the gullible viewers: 'You are worthless!' it says, 'You are evil!' it shouts, 'You are guilty!' it screams. 'You are guilty!' and the frightened White man shrinks back in horror.

This is what we, as White Nationalists, are up against. This is the sort of propaganda that we must never underestimate. The individual left-wing journalists and TV reporters are nothing. The public can see through them, if they try. Our real enemies are those who stifle all criticism of themselves and the corrupt society off which they feed by misusing people's consciences and twisting their minds against those who are fighting for the freedom of their race. Our real enemies are not the Marxist scribblers who smear the name of White Nationalism, but those above who allow them to do so, who indulge in 'anti-Fascism' for their own purposes. People with more influence and power than you or I could ever imagine.


These then are our enemies. But what can we do to fight back against them?

Their propaganda of hatred against White Nationalism has been going on for years now and for some of our people it is too late. Their brains have been completely submerged by the prejudices of powerful aliens. But most of our people can still be saved.

There is still a part of them that has not been fooled, that will not succumb to the constant bombardment of brainwashing. Deep down there is still a sense of racial identity. Perhaps they are ashamed to show it and hide it away, but it is still there. We must try to bring this part of them out into the open. To achieve this, we ourselves must never be afraid to show our racism. The National Front must continue, as it is already doing, to demonstrate to the public through its activities and literature that it is a White, British and racialist movement. This is essential if we want the White population to flock to us as race war approaches. The more we cloak our racism in 'reasonableness' the easier it will be for Establishment parties to steal 'racist' support by hinting, as the Tories did in 1979, that they will stand up for the White population. Fortunately, the present leadership of the NF seems to have recognised this fact. The National Front must be firmly established in the minds of the population as the White racist party. In the short term this may not win support, but as things get worse, Whites will begin to identify with the NF because it is White. Their feelings of racial identity will be brought to the surface, and once this stage has been reached we can begin to teach our people how to be proud of their race. When we have restored the pride of the British people the enemy will no longer be able to use its weapons of demoralisation and racial guilt. White Nationalism will then, at last, have the strength to rise up and smash its loathsome foes.