Roots of Radicalism



A VAST planet-metropolis. A world-sized beehive teeming with eager workers, drugged to contentment. Workers with no faces, no identity, no race, no ambitions. Coffee-coloured morons, satisfied to be living in the big, happy democracy they call the Earth. Working, sleeping, eating, existing in the perfect harmony of a cemetery. This is the Great Dream of the One World. This is the future that we are all told we want to see and with which most people don't bother to argue.

But whose dream is it really? In whose interest is it to destroy all racial and national barriers and create the Great One World? No Nationalist will be surprised by the answer: Communists and Capitalists. The Communist dreams of a perfect, democratic world state, the everlasting bliss of total sameness. A world united in equality, drowned in mediocrity. The Capitalist dreams of a world where everyone has the same tastes, the same thoughts. A world where everybody buys the same goods at the same time. A world of robot consumers.

These two great forces therefore have the same eventual aim for the world. What, then, stops them from working together to achieve it? Certainly not ideology, for the trading links between the Soviet Union and Western Capitalists demonstrate that either will make a deal with the other if it is to their advantage. No, the answer is that nothing stands in the way of a united effort, and that in fact their joint campaign for One World has already begun. Many internationalist organisations, such as the United Nations, openly admit that they eventually aim to bring about the creation of a 'united' world. The One World conspiracy is working all around us and one of its most deadly weapons is Equality.


Nobody could be unaware of the current obsession with Equality which has swollen so large as to obscure all reality. The concept of Equality is being used to break down the spirit of Western nations, to prepare them for the coming of racial destruction and assimilation into the One World. Perhaps it should be explained at this point that the Equality (with a capital "E") that is preached by the One Worlders and the sheep that follow them is not equality in the original sense of the world. Social equality used to mean equality of opportunity which is a genuinely worthy cause. The new Equality, however, is merely the false dogma of sameness hiding behind an old and respected title.

Rather than standing for the right of an individual to compete fairly with others, it stands for the ludicrous belief that every single human being possesses exactly the same abilities as every other human being. Many disciples of the new Equality will not even recognise the scientific fact of genetically inherited characteristics, preferring to see the cause of all individual differences as purely environmental. Neither will they tolerate any opposition to the Holy Order of Equality. Equality, they tell us, is Good. Anyone who denies this is Evil.

The effect this distorted thinking has had on Western society is already disastrous. The demented hysteria of Equality has led to demands that civilized nations give away any wealth they might earn to support corrupt Third World regimes, under the pretext of feeding their rapidly expanding populations. It has hampered the education of bright and slow children alike, through forcing them to learn at the rate of the "average" child, in the cruel pretence that their abilities are equal. Equality has also been used as an excuse for forcing Europeans to give up their homes, their jobs and their countries to the surplus masses of Africa and Asia. In other words the new Equality is destroying the fabric of White civilisation and the racial and national spirit of its members. Which is exactly what it was meant to do.


This is obviously something that we, as Racialists and Nationalists, have to fight. How to do so is a very difficult problem. Adherents to the new Equality and believers in the One World are everywhere in our society, many of them in positions of great power. The only way to defeat their conspiracy is to deprive it of the passive support, or at least acceptance, on which it feeds. It is up to us to show the public that there is an alternative to the dogma of Equality. If people could only learn to discern between true equality and the new Equality, a catastrophe could be avoided. If they could understand that a belief in inequality is not a rejection of civilization, but simply recognition of fact, they might begin to understand where the current obsession with Equality is taking us. For anyone who recognizes that all men are not equal cannot fail to see the hideous deception involved in a society which bases its outlook on the assumption that all men are equal. It is up to us to blow open the myth of Equality and show that it is no more than a weapon of the One Worlders.

We will not do this by keeping our thoughts to ourselves. We must be far more positive in our opposition to the One World that the Communist-Capitalist conspiracy is trying to force on us. For example, we should publicly protest at Britain's membership of the nauseating United Nations, we should be more vociferous in our opposition to International Big Business and Finance. In short, we must take much more positive and public action against Internationalism as a whole ― against all institutions and organisations that are helping in the destruction of Britain and the creation of the One World.

A sculpture that stands at the United Nations HQ in New York.

By Yevgeny Vuchetich, it was donated to the UN by the USSR in 1959.

By doing this we can draw the public's attention to the issue. We can point at the future of the One World and compare it to the future we want to see. We can give the people a choice between a world that is divided into the healthy and practical sub-racial groups we call nations and one that is united in a genetic disaster. We can offer them a choice for the future of their own country too. A choice between Britain as we want to see it and Britain as the One World conspirators want to see it. A choice between a proud, strong, independent nation and a very small part of a very large and very squalid global nightmare.