Roots of Radicalism



WHAT ARE THE enemies of White racial nationalism? Not on a local, day-to-day basis but in a global, historical perspective. The answer must be that any movement which threatens the ultimate purpose of White racial nationalism, the survival and advancement of the White Race, is and must be our enemy. Such enemies fall into two broad categories.

The first consists of forces which may, sometimes, threaten the Race, but whose primary purpose is far removed from this. The main examples are the racial nationalisms of other races, probably most significantly the Mongolid race, whose interests may in some areas conflict with ours.

But such conflicts are essentially transient, and even if they end in local wars do not inherently threaten the existence of our Race itself. In the long term, we can live with them and work out a way to share our world with them.

The second kind of enemy is very different. This consists of forces which are, by their very nature, implacably hostile to all forms of racial pride and any attempt to ensure racial, and indeed national or cultural, survival. They may, for a while, support some forms of non-White racialisms to undermine our own, but in the end they aspire to a raceless, undifferentiated global state, a coffee-coloured world of monocultural clones.

Capitalism and Communism are the two examples upon which the NF has hitherto concentrated its ire. But in principle any movement which displays the following three characteristics is inherently of its very nature our implacable enemy.

The first hallmark of the real enemy is, obviously, hostility to attempts to preserve the separate identities of races and peoples - multiracialism.

The second hallmark of the real foe is internationalism, expressed both as a theoretical commitment to a future World State, "global market" or whatever and a practical tendency to undermine national identities and cultures, whether through US "Coca-Cola culture" or for example the Chinese crushing of Tibet and the Soviet repression of the Baltic nations.

Finally, and most fatally, a true enemy is universalist - it seeks to rule or prevail not just where it already does but over the whole globe, without rival.

We may tolerate it, if we are so naive, but it will never in the long run tolerate us. Indeed, all such foes will, if nationalism rises on a serious scale, sink their differences and make common cause against us.

“Ayatollah, don't Khomenei closer”

With any force, idea or movement which is multiracialist, internationalist and universalist Nationalists can make no long-term compromise. We cannot share a world withthem. No race, no nation, will be truly safe until all such movements have been utterly eradicated and all their subject peoples set free. All such movements.


For, whilst the NF has correctly identified two such implacable foes, Capitalism and Communism, and committed itself irrevocably to their destruction, there is another, a Third Enemy, we have hitherto ignored.

There is another multiracialist, internationalist and expansionist ideology which today rules over a land area bigger than either Russia or America, disposes of wealth, though as yet not military force, comparable with that of the superpowers, and owns the fanatical allegiance of hundreds of millions.

It is an ideology which not only seeks to destroy separate races, nations and cultures but over much of the area it rules has already done so. It is an ideology which demands One World ruled by one law, speaking one language, ruled by one government. It is an ideology which seeks openly to rule the world as a totalitarian tyranny, and once, long ago, came within an ace of succeeding. It is an ideology followed by many, in lands where it does not yet rule - over a million in Britain alone.

It is as anti-racist as Marxism, as internationalist as Capitalism, as expansionist - maybe more so - as both. Yet it is an ideology few nationalists have seen as a threat. The name of this, our Third Enemy, is, of course, Islam.

Islam isn't "just a religion". It consists of an ideology and a blueprint for a future society as detailed, if not more so, than anything Marx ever devised. Like Das Kapital, the Koran embodies a clear vision of a society to be achieved in this world, not a next.

Just as Communism seeks a one World State ruled by one Party, Islam seeks a one World State ruled by one man, the Caliph, aided by a fanatical secret police of mullahs. A World State to be achieved, like that of Marxism, through the sword, by armed force.

Just like Bolshevism, Islam traces its roots - far more proudly than Marx did - to Judaism, both in theory, and, via the Jewish merchants in early 7th Century Arabia who inspired Mohammed, in practice.

Just like Communism, its founders sought to impose it by force upon the World. As the Poles stopped Trotsky's Red Army on the Vistula in 1920, so Charles Martel, Charles the Hammer, whose name should be known to every racially-aware White, stopped the brown hordes of Islam just outside Paris in 732AD.

It took eight centuries of largely-unsung White racial heroism to drive out the Islamic Moors and win back Spain for Europe. Again and again the alien hordes of Islam sought to engulf Europe. At the gates of Vienna, in 1529 and 1683, White racial heroes but narrowly threw them back. G.K. Chesterton's epic poem Lepanto celebrates another heroic defence of Europe against the Islamic foe in 1571.


Our forefathers kept Europe free, but everywhere Islam ruled, as with Communism, it ruled alone. And everywhere Islam ruled, races mixed and nations died.

Neither Capitalism nor Communism have yet achieved this, their ultimate aim. In the West, we are still proudly British, French, Germans and so on. In the East, the Russians, Poles, Czechs, Rumanians and the rest all hold firmly to their separate nationhoods, languages and cultures. But from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, coffee-coloured race-mixed millions all speak Arabic and know no nation save "the Community of the Faithful", Islam.

No one speaks Syriac, Punic, Vandalic or any of the other dozens of languages that once thrived, each with their own culture, their songs, poems, books, heroes and histories, before the black hand of Islam descended on them, and demanded that all men speak Arabic, "the language in which God gave the Koran to men."

Only in the mountains of Iran at one end of Islam's sway, and among a few Berber hill tribes at the other, did any language or culture but Arabic survive. Elsewhere, the cultural and national holocaust that was Islam was total.


The racial one followed. Obedient to Mohammed's declaration that all men, of all races, who adopted the True Faith were brothers in God, Islam converted, and interbred with, Negroes as far into Africa as the Equator. And, like Communism and Capitalism afterwards, Islam imported cheap Black labour into the lands it ruled.

By the 9th Century, vast numbers of Negro slaves, the Zanj, laboured on the irrigation ditches of Iraq. Under Islam the Arabs, for a thousand years, ran the African slave trade and shipped millions of Blacks into the Middle East. Their descendents, once converted to Islam, interbred freely with the locals in an orgy of officially-encouraged racemixing which created the dusky-hued hordes who today grovel before Mecca.

The brown masses of Cairo and Teheran were not always thus - White men built the Pyramids, and Iran itself is but a corruption of the name of the Nordic 'Aryans' who founded Persian civilisation. Look into the coffee-coloured visage of a modern Iranian and you will see the image into which all multiracialist, internationalist and universalist creeds would mould the White Race.

Islam has had 1500 years to work its evil will. Let it, or Capitalism or Communism, triumph and in much less than 15 centuries the face of the average Egyptian will be the face of the average Briton or American.

Today, Islam remains as multiracialist, internationalist and universalist as ever. Reality may have tarnished the dream, and split Islam, as it split Communism and Capitalism, into a host of rival sects and regimes. But the dream, the nightmare vision of a totalitarian tomorrow, lives on. Islam's leaders, Gaddafi and Khomieni, trumpet forth the same message, that all nations and all races should seek annihilation in Allah. Gaddafi has three times tried to submerge his own country - it is hardly a nation - in greater Arab states.

Today, his Green Book, in between calling for a ban on football and boxing as "competitive sports" (like many a Red teacher!) and ending pious platitudes about "peoples' power" with the cynical observation that "realistically, the strong always rule" (as the dictator Gaddafi himself does), proclaims that "The Blacks will prevail in the World". It also calls for an Islamic theocracy.

So Islam differs from Capitalism and Communism only in that not only does it seek to destroy nations, cultures and races, but wherever it rules has actually done so.

Perhaps because it has been around a lot longer, Islam has actually achieved the coffee-coloured, nationless, cultureless antheap to which all our foes aspire. Today, armed with vast wealth unjustly extorted from oil its peoples neither make, extract nor use, but just sat on for centuries, Islam is set fair to make another onslaught on Europe.

Already, Arabs own as much of many sectors of the British economy as Jews. And a million Muslims walk the streets of our land, and vast numbers more the streets of France and Germany. Surely the day has come, to paraphrase Chesterton's words on the Islamic Menace, for the last knights of Europe to take their weapons from the wall. As racial nationalists, we can respect, hopefully befriend, any man whatever his race who seeks to preserve and advance his own nation and race. Any who would deny all races and nations their right to live, be he plutocrat, commissar or ayatollah, is our utter foe to be fought unrelentingly to the end.

Just as the standards of racial rebirth must one day fly over the ruins of Wall Street and the Kremlin, they must fly likewise over the wreck of Mecca.

Islam was the mortal enemy of Europe before ever Capitalism or Communism were born. Islam will still be the mortal enemy of Europe after Capitalism and Communism are dead.

Only when the last mullah, as well as the last banker and the last Bolshevik, has faded into history will our Race be safe. And to that racial safety, we must dedicate our all, without wavering and without compromise.

Whatever they're praying for, it isn't Racial Nationalism.