Roots of Radicalism

Flying Saucers and the Final Call


A GIANT flying saucer is hanging in space over America, poised to swoop down and blast "White racist society" if it dares to harm a leading Negro 'Black Power' agitator. The same flying saucer buzzed Hollywood in February 1942 and zapped the Armies of Pharaoh as they tried to stop the escape of the Jews (who were actually African Negroes) under Moses (who was also Black). The Negrophile UFO also popped up over Shanghai, China, last September.

This and other gems of 'Black separatist' thought are to be found in a recent issue of The Final Call, a US-based paper published by Black Muslim Louis Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam'.

The flying saucer floats into view on page 27 of FC Vol. 6, No. 15, in a lengthy piece, "What do UFO sightings mean?" penned by FC columnist Jabril Muhammad. FC byelines, incidentally, are confused by the fact that everybody seems to be called, or to call themselves, something-or-other-Muhammad, except for the Circulation Manager, 'Patricia 3X', who appears to be a brand of Antipodean lager.

Anyway, by the end of his diatribe about the important role of Martians in the Black Power struggle, even Mr. Muhammad himself seems to be feeling a draught creeping through the credibility gap, for he admits "I well know that most people have yet to really understand the work of Minister Farrakhan, that he does in the name of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, which was begun in America by Master Fard Muhammad. I know for example, that it may seem crazy to most people to hear that there are people in a huge plane above this country who will react against this country if Minister Farrakhan is hurt". Indeed.


Coming down to Earth on the following page of FC we find a column called "Probing the Black Mind" from the contents of which locating it would appear to be the first problem!

Here we find the following jewels of historical erudition penned by none other than the Hon. Elijah Muhammad himself (Message to the Black Men, 1965, p.35): "God has said that we are members of the original people or Black nation of the earth. Original means first. Historian J.A. Rogers points out in his book that beyond the cotton fields of the south and long before the white man himself was a part of our planet, we were the original people ruling the earth, and according to the Holy Qu'ran we had Governments superior to any we are experiencing today. Trace over the earth. Look back 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 years ago. Look at history. We were those people. They were our people. Today we are confronted with the truth of who the original people are and who shall live on this Earth and call it their own."

This belief that Blacks were the original humans and founders of all civilizations, bizarre as it may seem, is by no means confined to the Final Call. It is a fundamental "Black separatist" belief, though one little publicised by their small scattered band of White apologists. According to the movement's founder, Elijah Muhammad, 6,600 years ago, when all men were Negroes, and a great Black civilization (all traces of which have since been destroyed by White racists, spanned the globe, a Negro scientist, Yacub, was exiled from Mecca (which didn't exist in 4600 BC, but let's not spoil the story) with 59,999 followers.

Embittered towards Allah, Yacub decided to create a devil-race of "bleached out Whites". Scientifically bred for blondness, Yacub's followers became, in successive 200 year stages, brown, red, yellow and finally, according to the Black separatist guru, "blonde, pale skinned, cold-blue eyed devils, savages nude and shameless; hairy, like animals, walking on all fours and living in trees".

Later these subhuman White beasts, having escaped from Yacub's laboratory, were rounded up by Negroes and sent to live in European caves where, after 2000 years, the great Negro Moses went to tame and civilize them. They then set forth to rule the Earth for six thousand years.

The end of this White interregnum and the restoration of the rule of the Negroid Master Race was signalled when a Saviour, 'Master' W.D. Fard, alias "Fard Muhammad" and according to the Statement of Belief on p.35 of our sample Final Call "the long awaited 'Messiah' of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims", but in reality a half-caste silk salesman, brought Allah's message and divine guidance to Elijah Muhammad, another half-caste. This Divine Epiphany apparently took place in Detroit in 1931 (readers wishing to confirm these important tenets of Black belief can find them, for example, on pp 164-7 of the Autobiography of Black separatist leader Malcolm X).


This hilarious load of taurine excrement is the insanity which underlies the only apparently sane belief of Black separatists: their opposition to race-mixing and multiracialism. Their beliefs, widely publicised by their White friends, that, as our issue of FC puts it "intermarriage or race-mixing should be prohibited", and that Blacks should all go back to Africa (though few of them actually do so, whatever they say!) are based on the view, rather less widely touted by their paler-skinned sycophants, that Whites are subhuman genetic filth unfit to interbreed with Black humanity. Also, as emerges from a rambling review of the opinions of another Black separatist guru, Marcus Garvey, on p.26 of our FC, Blacks must return to Africa in order to "build up for the race a mighty nation of our own" and thence to "make conquests" and eventually "enslave those who once enslaved them".

Marcus Garvey

The real position of these Blacks on racial matters is evident from much of the rest of our sample copy of Final Call. For example, on p. 16 we find "the leader of the Great Al Fateh Revolution, our Muslim brother, Muammar al Qaddhafi" praised fulsomely because "this Muslim revolutionary and the people of Libya are the primary supporters of African liberation movements like the ANC, the PAC, SWAPO, the Kanak movement in what the French call New Caledonia, and even the aborigines in Australia. The Libyan people support the liberation of we Black people all over the world" (True enough - according to the "Muslim revolutionary" himself - Green Book p. 108 - "The Blacks will prevail in the World").

Before leaving the Final Call, I cannot forbear from tempting the reader with a few lumps of choice fruitcake in among the venom. According to p.9, 'Irangate' star Col. Oliver North didn't just involve himself in murky dealings involving hostages, ayatollahs and the delightful Fawn Hall. He was also responsible for a U.S. Government plan to put 21 million US Blacks in concentration camps and exterminate them!

The centre-page spread is devoted to a familiar strain of paranoia: "Conspiracy and conspirators against the life of Minister Louis Farrakhan", ending "The plot thickens, the conspiracy unfolds". No doubt more details of the State/reactionary plot to murder Minister F. will be forthcoming in future issues, booklets, tapes etc.

This sort of thing is the root of the problem genuine and sensible White racial nationalists have in building any form of co-operation with Black separatists. Their bigoted hatred of Whites we can live with - in fairness many Whites have little love for Negroes, but we can work with people who share a common aim, the ending of the multiracial society, irrespective of whether we like them personally or not.

The problem is that the views and literature of Min. Farrakhan, Osiris Akkebala, "Chief Elder of the Pan-African Inter-National Movement", many Rastarfarians and so on are riddled with ludicrous crackpot absurdities which render them - and, more importantly, anyone who associates with them - wide open to the most effective form of political attack – ridicule.

A movement may have problems if most of the people fear and hate it. But when the public laugh at it, it is finished. The flying saucers, mad Black boffins, etc. of Mr Farrakhan and Co. and their problem, reinforcing in the minds of most outside observers the conclusions of scientists, rather than "bigots", about the low average intelligence of the Negro.

If we embrace, however superficially or hypocritically, Farrakhan and his ilk as comrades, they become our problem. In any case, we do not need Black support and cannot do anything with it. If we got it, it would put off the support we do need - from Whites. The NF may be emerging from a political ghetto itself. It will not aid that process by diving straight into someone else's ghetto, nor will it attain power by forging a Grand 'revolutionary' Alliance of the absurd and the publically unacceptable.

The National Front, the genuine National Front, must be grounded in reality, and in reality our aim is to win not kind words from mad Blacks but solid support from massed whites. We will not chase woolly-hatted wills o'th'wisps into the mire of political oblivion. Instead, as proud White men and women seeking support from our own folk alone, we will march onward into the sunny uplands of victory.