Roots of Radicalism



FOR MANY YEARS the National Front has warned that, in the immortal words of our current Prime Minister, "We are being swamped" by an ever-rising coloured population in Britain. During the same period, the NF's warnings about the rising tide of colour, and our prediction that if nothing is done to stem that tide Britons, like Fijians, will end up as an ethnic minority in their own country, have been dismissed by Establishment mouthpieces as 'alarmist nonsense'. Who is right? When we look at the cold hard figures of population statistics, the answer soon becomes grimly clear. We are, indeed, being swamped.

The first figure to look at, it would seem obvious, is the total number of Coloureds currently living in Britain. This, the most basic measure of the size of the problem, is, perhaps not surprisingly, the figure best hidden by officialdom.

There was, for example, no question on ethnic origin, let alone race, in the 1981 Census, and data on place of birth gives no hint of the very substantial number of Coloureds born in Britain, as well as, for example, counting the offspring of White Britons serving in our former Indian Empire as "Indians" or "Pakistanis"!

Other figures on the sizes of ethnic minorities obtained from official sources are often mutually inconsistent and conflicting, and in particular of course do not include the quite substantial numbers of illegal Immigrants, mostly from the Indian sub-continent, presently enriching our society. It is in fact easier to estimate the size of the native British population instead and subtract this from the total U.K. population, which, counting illegal immigrants etc. cannot be lower than the Census figure of around 56 million.

Using data from the 1981 Census and the 1984 Labour Force Survey, Dr. Bernadette Modell of London's Rayne Institute, in a paper published in the March 1988 issue of the medical journal Biology and Society (Vol. 5, No. 1, p.29), arrives at a figure for the UK White population of 50,895,000, which leaves, a residue of around 5 million Coloureds, markedly greater than the official Government figure of about 2 million non-Whites in Britain, and also, as is obvious from a visit to any British city or most towns, a lot nearer the probable truth.


However, when we move on from the present to consider the future, as clearly prefigured in native and Immigrant birth rates, the figures flow in thick, fast and frightening. The table above, taken from Dr. Modell's paper, shows the appalling plight of our people at a glance. The middle column, the "total period fertility rate", is the key statistic. This is the number of babies an average woman of the population concerned will have throughout her reproductive lifetime.

In theory, since - as I hope all our readers know! - it takes two to make a baby, to keep the population exactly the same each woman needs to have two babies, to replace her and her partner. In practice, not all babies born breed. Some die before they can. Some can't, or in the case of homosexuals and others won't, have any children. So a "total period fertility rate" of around 2.3 is needed for a population to stay constant.

In fact, what we find is that the native British population isn't even doing that. As is the case in most White countries around the world, the British population is falling. In the short term, this means an increasingly aged population, with fewer and fewer reproductive young people bearing an ever-greater burden of more and more non-productive old folk, with dire economic and social consequences.

In the long term if this trend, which has been evident in the White world since the First World War (give or take a few local or short-lived fluctuations) goes on, the White race will simply die out. Without any outside interference, left to itself our Race will go the way of the dodo and the dinosaur.

But, left alone, it is equally possible that eventually the population of overcrowded White countries such as our own would simply find its own level at a density more in harmony with the capacity of the environment and ecology to support, in itself no bad thing.

But we aren't going to be left alone. Because, as can be seen, the Coloured, especially Asian, population in Britain is skyrocketing, Pakistanis are breeding three times faster than we are, trebling their population every generation, about every 30 years. Bangladeshis are reproducing even faster: every three decades there will be four times the number of Bengalis there were before.

We are already seeing the results: as Dr. Colin Brown of the Policy Studies institute put it in the same issue of Biology and Society "projections based on a comparison of the Census with the Labour Force Survey suggests that the total growth (in the UK Pakistani population) between 1981 and 1987 has been about 50%". In other words, the combined effect of immigration and an exploding birthrate is that Britain's Pakistani population alone is doubling every 12 years! If they keep that up, in around eighty years,' or even less, Pakistanis alone will outnumber native Britons in their own country.


The likelihood of them keeping it up emerges from other demographic data, shown as bar charts in Figures 1 and 2, both taken from Dr. Modell's paper. Firstly, it is clear from the age distribution of ethnic minorities compared to the overall population (Fig. 1) that ethnic minorities, are far younger, on average, than the mainly White overall population.

That means that they make up an even higher proportion of the forthcoming breeding generation than they do of the present one - there will be more of them to breed faster. The chart of "mixed parentage" showing Whites not merely not perpetuating their own race but actively breeding rootless, alienated non-White mixed-breeds is also depressing.

Secondly, it is apparent from the plot of fertility against age (Fig. 2) that Immigrants not only breed faster, they breed for longer than we do. For example, only 7% of White babies are born to mothers over 35. 20% of Pakistani, and 23% of Bengali, babies are born to these older mothers.

Even over the age of 45, when White women have more or less given up having babies, the Asians are still plugging away: 40 births per thousand amongst UK Pakistanis and Bengalis are bom to mothers over 45.

These figures in turn mean that the high Immigrant birth rate isn't just a result of a population which has a higher proportion of adults of breeding age (typical of recent Immigrant populations as fewer old people, proportionately, migrate) than the native one. It reflects a real tendency to breed faster and longer than we do. A tendency rooted in a culture which Immigrants, not unreasonably from their point of view, show no sign of abandoning in favour of the one native to their new surroundings.

Which is why soothing noises from Establishment sources, confronted with the brutal reality of the alarming disparity between native and Immigrant birth rates, that the alien birth rate will gradually decline to harmonise with our own, are so much moonshine. At best, such a slowing in the Immigrant birth rate would take several generations to manifest itself - as it did among our own race. By which time it will be too late.

So, however coyly they are hidden away in obscure medical journals NF members are not expected to read, the hard facts and figures sound forth a clear and unmistakable warning. Put simply - every year there are fewer and fewer White Britons and more and more Coloureds living in our homeland. The result mostly of their breeding a lot faster than we do, rather than more of them immigrating to our islands.


If this goes on, then, however much the figures are hidden from the people and however much we are shouted down as scaremongers, or clapped into jail under the Race Act, for bringing them to light, one day, within the next century perhaps, the British people will be a minority in their own country.

The only answer is to face the facts, not hide them. If we are to keep our country, It is not enough just to stop all Coloured Immigration, as the Government, despite rhetoric about "being Swamped" still has not done. We must also start, and complete, the phased, humane, but compulsory repatriation of all non-Whites resident in Britain to their own homelands - before they take over ours. That solution the National Front, and only the National Front, offers. It is our only hope for national survival.