Roots of Radicalism



Karl Mark – secret Klansman?

"ONE RACE - the Human Race!" How often have we nationalists heard that cretinous cry from the mouths of Reds? It's perfectly obvious to anyone who hasn't been locked up in solitary confinement since birth that there is more than one race. The term these myopic lefties really mean, of course (if they were educated enough to know about it) is species. Even so, there is a scientific argument that there is actually more than one species of mankind.

In the Red's warped vocabulary those who combine a white skin with a desire to maintain the differences between nations and races are really trying to somehow dominate the entire planet. One can only wonder at what mental gymnastics they must go through to try and square up our notion of seperate nationalities with this desire to rule the world!

The whole concept is nonsense of course - if anyone is trying to rule the world then it has to be the internationalist money merchants and their multicultural apologists. My own attitude toward other races, just for the record, is not one of hatred, as much as one of objective indifference.


The same cannot be said of the Reds. When it comes down to it the left wing are as rabidly aware of racial differences as any of us, including the Blacks. This includes their founding father, Karl Marx, who himself was as 'offensively racist' as any member of the 'bigoted, race-hating National Front'. He personally despised Negroes (as well as fellow Jews, Slavs and sundry other ethnic groups) and, more to the point, said so both publicly and privately.

When he fell out with Ferdinand Lasseles, a rival German-Jewish socialist, he wrote to Engels calling him "a Jewish nigger". He went on to say that;

'It is now absolutely clear to me that, as both the shape of his head and his hair texture shows - he descends from the negroes who joined Moses' flight from Egypt (unless his Mother hybridized with a nigger). Now this combination of Germanness and Jewishness with a primary negro substance necessarily creates a strange product. The pushiness of this fellow is also niggerish.'

This disgust for Negroes didn't merely manifest itself as abuse to be heaped upon rivals - far from it. His own children also suffered. When Laura Marx, his second daughter, announced her intention to marry a French Creole medical student, Paul Lafargue, Marx went berserk. His daughter, he ranted, was doing her bit to solve the race problem by marrying "a nigger" and constantly referred to him as "the little negro" or alternatively "the gorilla".

This open hostility was also shared by the rest of his family as well as his closest friends. Upon the birth of Laura's second child Marx's wife wrote to Engels saying that she hoped her daughter would practise reproductive constraint and not produce "ten little nigger boys".

Engels, too, for his part couldn't resist the odd snipe when it suited him. When Lafargue gave up his medical career to stand as the socialist candidate in a Paris municipal election Engels commented that it was appropriate that he should have chosen the electoral ward that also contained the city zoo since "a nigger is a degree closer to the animal kingdom than the rest of us".


It is a salient point that Lafargue was not actually a Negro at all. He was an octoroon, that is to say, one of his eight great-grandparents was Black. He looked like a somewhat whiter version of Sydney Poitier, in fact. Not that Marx himself looked anything other than heavily Jewish (and totally unlike the German he tried to pass himself off as). He had, "wildly disheveled coal black hair and his complexion was dirty yellow. Whether the dirty complexion was as nature made it, or whether the dirt came from the outside, can be no more decided than whether his shirt and his clothes were originally made in a dirty colour or merely acquired dirt", according to Karl Peter Heinzen, a contemporary of his during the 1840's.

It might be added that the only time that Marx kept quiet about the racial origins of his prospective son-in-law was when he realised that Lafargue's family were quite rich. The boy's parents, in fact, offered a hundred thousand Francs as a groom's dowry. When the gift didn't materialise (they probably worked out what Marx must have thought of them, if their son was a 'nigger gorilla') Marx soon fell back into his old habits.

In a bizarre twist Marx was to tell this partially negroid son-in law of his, just before his death in 1883, that: 'of one thing I am certain, that is that I myself am not a Marxist'.

This astonishing admission probably crushed Lafargue's socialist idealism completely and, coupled with Marx's outright distaste for his racial origins, eventually destroyed not merely his marriage to Laura but the couple themselves and their offspring. All three of their children died in infancy whilst the couple themselves committed suicide, eventually being found sitting side by side, stiff as boards, in their Paris home.

What a guiding spirit for these multi-racial social engineers of today, eh! Someone who hated Negroes so much that he destroyed his own child! Perhaps someone should tell them.