Roots of Radicalism

What comes after the East-West conflict?


SINCE 1945 the global political scene has been relatively fixed, the planetary power structure has been dominated by two major politico-military blocs, the Capitalist and the Communist, the U.S. and the Soviet. This situation has been less than helpful to the cause of White racial survival. It has divided the White race into two factions, each menacing the other with atomic annihilation. As each side is, or is perceived as being, essentially White, considerations of Race would have been popularly perceived as irrelevant to the apparent main central issue in World politics, even the ideologies governing both sides had not themselves been explicity 'anti-racist'.

Any growth of racial awareness on either side would indeed have harmed, in terms of alienating non-Whites, whose only role was as cannon-fodder and a battleground for both sides in the 'Cold War'; in no sense a threat and potentially useful allies.

This situation has not been of any use to racial nationalists. Once we had realised that we were not ourselves on either side, renouncing our early naive role as ultra-anti-Communist 'Defenders of the Free World' (just how 'free' that world is Martin Wingfield, Joe Pearce, Ernst Zundel and many another jailed for 'thought crimes' could tell you!), we were reduced to trying to herd the Gadarene swine away from the precipice whilst fearing that it could all end in nuclear tears, with our racial heartlands in Europe and North America devastated to the benefit, if anyone, of non-Whites. To what was perceived as the 'World's Debate' between Capitalism and Communism we were, on our own proud proclamation, irrelevant, wishing a hearty plague on both their houses.

But in the Nineties this will all change, and change, as I hope to demonstrate, mightily to our benefit. The Capitalist /Communist struggle is ending, with the bloodless victory, in fact if not in name, of the former. Whatever the personal fates of Gorbachev and Deng, however many waverings there are on the road to Wall Street, it is conceded on both sides that, in the crude materialistic terms in which the debate has been fought, Capitalism can better "deliver the goods", and fatten up the sheep more effectively, and even teach them to enjoy being fleeced.

The messianic fervour of Communism has gone, and nobody outside a few British polytechnics and our dear old Labour Party seriously believes in Marxism any more. The moral, and ultimately physical, collapse of Communism will itself open up many opportunities for racial nationalism in the areas affected, which I leave to be discussed elsewhere. For it is with the superpower conflicts that will follow the East/West one that I propose to deal.

Ayatollah Khomenei - personified the new spirit of Islamic aggression.


For such conflicts there will be: 'peace' in which the brainwashed sheep of Capitalism may safely graze will continue to be an illusion. But the superpower struggles beginning in the Nineties, unlike those forged in the Forties, will be rooted not in the sordid scramble of raceless materialistic power elites dividing the White world between them but in real issues - race and, indeed, religion.

And one of the sides will be in fact, and hence will be under pressure to declare itself to be in theory, the White Race. For our race and its rulers, however cosmopolitan and Capitalist they may be, will face a common threat, former 'East' and former 'West' alike, from non-Whites.

Not in a simple 'North/South' conflict - the 'Third World' is largely, especially Africa and to a lesser degree Latin America, too poor, too backward, too handicapped by genetic inferiority, and consequent incompetent government and ineffectual industry, to matter much, even were it a united force: the Third World War, if it comes, is unlikely on present showing to be a 'Third World' war (though that too may come one day, given enough stupidity on our rulers' part!)

Yet nonetheless, beyond the frontiers of a European civilization which for over 300 years has so dominated the planet that it could indulge itself in two crippling fratricidal civil wars and the preparations for a - now hopefully averted - terminal third, new powers, one racial, one religious, are arising. Common threats to us all: American, Russian, European, Capitalist, Green, racialist - even Zionist!

The first new superpower, the racial one, is what might crudely be called the 'Yellow peril'. Already, Japan is the world's greatest economic power, fast approaching the USA in terms of output and free from the crippling burden of debt which shackles the American economy. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are also steaming ahead economically, rapidly catching up with and threatening to outstrip the West.

But even the Japs will pale into insignificance once the Chinese, with ten times their population - 1,100 million and rising rapidly - and twenty times their territory cast off the shackles of Red bureacuracy and really hit their economic tride. Given the per capita output of the Japs - of which ethnic Chinese in Taiwan have already shown they are capable - China will again, with good reason, know herself the centre of the World, economically at least.

At Japanese output levels, China's economy would match that of the rest of the planet put together. Throughout history, economic power - if derived, as the East's is and will be, from genuine productive output and not money manipulation - has always been reflected in corresponding military power - riches must be defended - and given a population pressure the Chinese and Japanese know only too well, territorial expansion.

Centuries-old national antagonisms, such as that between China and Japan, may for a while divide the Yellow Race as they have so fatally the White. But sooner or later, as slant eyes are cast greedily upon the thinly-peopled mineral-rich White lands of Siberia to the North and Australasia to the South, common cause will be made or imposed. Well-armed yellow hands will reach forth to seize lebensraum for the teeming millions of the Orient - a process which, once successfully started, is seldom of itself stopped.

Only a corresponding racially united White response will stem the Yellow tide. But, at least, stem it is all we need do. They do not seek to convert the world to an ideological system, or destroy our race by a race-mixing they despise, and they respect a strong opponent. If we can hold them back, we and they can share the planet in honourable stalemate and mutual respect.


Beside this racial threat from the Far East, the White World in the Nineties and beyond will increasingly face a religious - more accurately a religion-based ideological - threat from the Middle East. As I outlined in 'The Third Enemy' (Vanguard issue 14), Islam is rapidly developing into a threat every bit as deadly as Capitalism and Communism to our Race's future.

With its increasing pride and assertiveness, Islam is rising as a political as well as a religious movement. The coming together, in practice if not at first in political theory, of a thousand million Muslims from the Indus to the Atlantic, from Central Africa to Central Asia, under the leadership of the mullahs, is a growing Nineties nightmare.

Islam is already the World's fastest growing religion - indeed, it is Britain's. As Communism weakens its grip, first Afghanistan, then Soviet Central Asia, look set to fall to the mullahs. Millions of Muslims have already filtered into the cities of Western Europe, a ready fifth column, as the Rushdie affair has shown, for the Armies of the Prophet. True, the debased multi-racial Islamic world, its race-mixing egged on by the 'anti-racist' tenets of the Koran, has, unlike Asia, signally failed to adopt and adapt Western technology for themselves.

But, armed with colossal and unearned wealth from oil they neither made, extracted nor used, they have solved the problem by simply buying our technology. It is more than Communists to whom Capitalists will sell a noose for their own necks. Already Pakistan has bought from France the technology to build and test an 'Islamic Bomb'. The prospect of a nuclear armed Islamic bloc led by fanatic mullahs prepared to destroy the World if "Allah wills it" is enough to keep anyone awake at night.

The more so as, unlike the Asians, the mullahs do want to destroy all races through racemixing and do want to impose their regime on us. Already mullahs in Paris talk openly of turning France into an 'Islamic Republic' - and doubtless similar dreams lurk amongst the mosques of Bradford and Berlin. The Islamic England of Chesterton's Flying Inn is no longer the amusing absurdity it was in 1914.

The Asiatics want only land for their people. The mullahs want a world for their tyrannical ideology. Capitalism and Communism also wanted to conquer the World, but at least as materialists they could be restrained by the realisation that they gained nothing if they destroyed the planet in the process.

But the mullahs believe that this world is a transient place, and that only the fate of their 'eternal souls" matters. Thus they will scarcely shrink from sterilizing the Earth in atomic flame if thereby they admit all the Faithful as “martyrs in a jihad” - a Holy War - en bloc to Paradise.

As such Islam, unlike the Asiatics, is something we neither can nor will be allowed to share a world with. Sometime in the 21st Century, at the latest, Islam and the White West will face a final war to the death. The sooner the West realises that, and unites to meet the threat, the fewer deaths that will involve.


So the Nineties will see the end of a superpower conflict which divided the White Race and the beginning of superpower conflicts which unite the White Race, and in the process divides and weakens its enemies. Faced with a common external threat, the leaders of the White nations, irrespective of their own inclinations, will be forced to unite in self-defence.

To do so effectively, they will need to mobilise popular enthusiasm for the struggle, as they did in the Cold War. That means showing the public the face of the enemy - the conspiciously non-White face of the enemy. And, indeed, being strongly tempted to play the Race Card, the one thing Americans, Russians, Western and Eastern Europeans, Britons, Australasians and so on have in common. At first, no doubt, through an appeal to "shared values of our common heritage of European civilization", but once started it is a bandwagon powerful hard to stop - racialism is a deep rooted instinct.

Liberals will face a similar cleft stick: they may not like 'racist' appeals to White unity, but they would, as they've discovered over Rushdie, like the Islamic alternative a whole lot less: Iran's human rights record is not one to conjure with! And the Orientals are as 'racist' as we are, and more.

Already, after Islamic antics have harmed American interests and Japanese imports have harmed Western Capitalist bank balances, we have seen the beginnings of a clear willingness on the part of Western leaders to play, not always very subtly the Race Card. This will increase as those threats to the interests of our rulers grow. And once they start playing the Race Card, we hold all the trumps.

Let the racialist cat out of the bag of popular opinion - as let it out they must, lest the non-White foe destroy them anyway - and it will run purring to sit on our lap. For whatever else we are, we are known as the Party of Racialism.

Once Race becomes central on the World stage, once the common enemy of rulers and ruled is the racial alien, our time to step out of the wings will have come. The tide of history, on which for so long we have been but foresaken flotsam, will flow our way once more. And the Nineties will truly be Nationalist.