Roots of Radicalism

“The Coming Swarm”

by Steve Brady

ON 26TH NOVEMBER 1990 a secret report from the Italian Government was discussed by the 12 social affairs ministers of the Common Market countries in Brussels. The discussion centred on what to do about the unprecedented threat to the survival of Europe's civilisation and people highlighted by that report. The threat of what the Italian Government called the “impending demographic catastrophe”. The invasion of Europe - and, for that matter. North America, Australasia and the rest of the civilized White world - by literally hundreds or thousands of millions of Third World non-whites: The Coming Swarm.

A swarm driven from its homelands by sheer weight of numbers. Every minute, 177 more people are born than die. 177 more Third World people. According to United Nations figures, of every 10,000 people born over the next ten years. 9,950 will be born in the Third World.

Every day, a quarter of a million more non-Whites to be fed from lands already over-grazed, exhausted by over-cropping, lands stripped bare of trees for peasant cooking fires so the soil blows away, lands year by year turning to desert. Deserts which are already marching south across Africa, driving millions before them. Africa, whose population will soar from 646 million to 900 million in the next nine years, whilst its total food production is falling.

A swarm which will be driven even harder from those Third World homelands as the Greenhouse Effect changes their climate, rendering them drier and even less fertile. On October 24th the United Nations Environment Programme published a report, Climate Change and World Agriculture, prepared by Professor Martin Parry of Birmingham University. The report warned that climatic changes caused by the Greenhouse Effect would cut the food supply of over a thousand million people in Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia by over 25% in the next 40 years, leading to “mass migration”.

On 5th June, 1989, Sir Crispin Tickell, recently retired as Britain's Ambassador to the United Nations, and currently President of the Royal Geographical Society, stunned the Royal Society with a nightmare vision of “Africans swarming into Europe, Chinese into the Soviet Union, Latin Americans into the United States”, driven by hunger as climate change and soil exhaustion turned their lands into desert. A warning he first delivered as long ago as 1976 in his book Climatic Change and World Affairs, and repeated as Britain's representative in the United Nations General Assembly on 24th October, 1986.


A Third World swarm which will be drawn into our lands, as the Italians warned the EEC, by their emptiness as our population declines. Their official report yet again highlighted the fact that the European population was declining, both relative to the non-European one and absolutely.

It pointed out that fertility rates in Germany, Spain and Italy are the lowest in the World (Britain's is little higher, and also not enough to keep up our numbers). It added that in 1950, one in six people in the world lived in Europe. By 2025 it will be one in 26. The report did not dwell on the fact that even that one in 26 will not be entirely European ethnically.

Millions of Third Worlders are already in Europe, and their birth-rate too is higher than ours. But it did reveal that the average age of a Common Market citizen is 34 now, but in our rapidly ageing, declining population it will be 43 in nine years. By which time 20% of Europeans will be over 60, compared with only 5% of Africans.

Finally the teeming billions of the Third World will be drawn here, to our countries, because their only alternative will be to stay where they are and starve to death: when they know there are lands where the grass is still green and the corn still grows and fat cows still graze, lands where the folk are few and the street are all but paved with gold. When they are taught - as we are - that they are poor because we are rich, that all our wealth and power are but built on the exploitation of their labour and resources. When they have nothing to lose.

Indeed the German and Finnish Governments and many prominent commentators such as ex-Labour Chancellor Denis Healey have warned that far less desperate straits seem likely to be enough to drive twenty or thirty million Russians West into Scandinavia and Western Europe in the next couple of years: threatening an economic and social, but at least not racial, and therefore ultimately endurable, catastrophe.

The really catastrophic prospect is that, before many more years have passed, on a scale that makes both this possible Russian Voelkerwanderung and previous Coloured Immigration seem a mere trickle, the Coloured hordes will be on the move. By land, by air and by sea not just a few tens of thousands but many tens of millions will swarm across the borders of the White world - the Mediterranean, the Rio Grande, the Urals.

Like army ants they will pour ever onwards in teeming hordes, devouring and despoiling eveything in their path. Our peoples, like the hapless creatures overrun by the army ant columns, will disappear in a brief flurry of swarming dusky bodies.

For a while there will be a global Third World of dark-skinned dirt farmers, too busy scraping and scrabbling a living from the lands their numbers are swamping to spare the time and resources to keep a high culture and an advanced civilization alive, even if they had one.

In the end, they will exhaust our lands as they exhausted their own, overgrazing the pastures, impoverishing the soil, cutting down the trees for firewood so the soil blows away, turning Europe and North America into the Sahel dustbowis of the 21st and 22nd Centuries. Then, with nowhere else to go, they will starve. And, quite possibly, in a world reduced to a global dustbowl, humanity will die out.


That is the nightmare vision against which Italy has sounded the first Government warning. Not surprisingly. As Sir Michael Howard, formerly Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford and now Professor of Military History at Yale, warned in August, “as numbers decline in central and northern Europe, the demographic boom in the Mediterranean will threaten the southern flank of NATO”. The flank Italy guards.

The flank on which the Third World swarm of dark-skinned locusts has begun to advance. Already, 1990 has seen the trickle of North African illegal immigrants into Italy turn into a flood. Fortunately Italy is not paralysed by Nordic niceness, a strength internally but a potentially fatal weakness externally. On June 30th Italy brought in tough immigration controls. A visa requirement was imposed for the first time ever on all new arrivals from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

These are not the only concrete measures the Italians propose in their secret report to avert the coming swarm. They call for positive economic measures to encourage marriage and more babies among Europeans, to reverse the current population decline.

This is inspired by healthy sentiments, though in fact it could be argued that in an ideal world the population density of Europe is too high for the good of the living world as a whole and, whilst the proportion of Europeans in it should be increased drastically, the entire World human population is far too high.

The real problem isn't too few Whites but vastly too many non-Whites. However, the Italian Governmentat least recognises the problem and is trying to get something done about it, unlike other European Governments, whose response the Italians rightly castigate as “feeble”. British officials apparently greeted the Italian call for action with marked coolness.

Instead, the Governments of Northern Europe meet the threat of the Coming Swarm, whose reality they acknowledge with paralysed inaction, like a rabbit facing an advancing snake, whilst allowing their media to inculcate in our peoples wholly groundless ideas of Western “guilt” toward the Third World.

The very reaction of suicidal self-abasement in the face of what would at root be the plundering of our homeland by an invading army of a billion Black and Brown muggers which was so brilliantly portrayed as long ago as 1975 by French novelist Jean Raspail in his classic Camp of the Saints. In which the White world confronted by the Third World Swarm did indeed lie back and let it happen, paralysed by paroxysms of “anti-racist” guilt and self-hatred.

That is the reaction the BBC sought to engender among Britons in their £.1.5 million drama The March, broadcast simultaneously in twelve countries, including our own, to launch the BBC's propagandistic “One World Week” on May 20th. This portrayed the mass invasion of Europe across the Staits of Gibraltar by a vast horde of hungry Africans, demanding that we feed them. In the words of the drama's author, William Nicholson, “the people of Europe are suddenly faced with the prospect of atoning for their greed.” Or, as the March's Negroid leader succinctly puts it “We are poor because you are rich”.

The intent of this drama was summed up by its producer, former BBC Head of Plays Peter Goodchild, who hoped viewers would identify with one of the play's leading characters, the “EEC's dynamic young Commissioner for Aid and Development” (a somewhat implausible figure in herself!).

As Goodchild put it “She starts out as a rather cynical political pragmatist, and is slowly won over by the march, emotionally rather than intellectually. We'd like the audience to experience the same kind of transformation”.


But will such propaganda succeed? It is, of course, baseless. The truth is we a re not rich because they are poor. The global imbalance in the distribution of wealth reflects a global imbalance in the production of wealth. Which preceded, and indeed made possible, the great European global expansion of the past couple of centuries.

Far from “exploiting” the Third World, we exported to it our capital and our medical and other knowledge. To which almost the entire Third World population today owe their lives. Without which their population would have stayed in balance with its environment. It is not what we took from them but what we gave to them that is at the root of the Third World's present problems: poisoned gifts handed over by well-meaning liberals and Christian missionaries, who wanted to help the “poor Coloured people” but instead damned them to mass starvation, us to mass invasion, and us and them, if we don't break free from our suidical guilt-complex, to mass extinction in all probability.

The only hope for civilization and humanity, including at least some of Third World humanity - most will die whatever happens - is for the peoples of the civilized World - the White world plus Japan - to pull up the drawbridge, batten down the hatches and prepare to ride out the storm.

If we keep the Third World from destroying, both by invasion from without and high Immigrant birth rates from within, our last island of civilization, then when Nature has reasserted her control of their populations we can emerge to heal their lands and help - more sensibly this time - the survivors. Providing our peoples with such will to resist oblivion is our task as racial nationalists across the White world for the coming decades. It will be less difficult than it might seem. The instinct of homeland, of territoriality, runs deep in everyone.

Like any deep water, it is slow to be stirred. But, once stirred, correspondingly powerful. As images of starving babies far away, it is easy for the media to win White sympathy for the "poor Third World". As a reality of marching hordes daily coming closer, advancing to steal our homes, our food, our childrens' birthright, such sympathy will rapidly evaporate, t o be replaced with a mood of racial solidarity against the invader, racial solidarityfrom which ethnic aliens already here will be excluded.

Nations are built from the outside in, as common responses to a perceived common threat. A threat common this time not just to us but to our masters and their media. From a few million Coloured Immigrants one can discreetly flee to the leafy suburbs; hence to deplore the "bigotry" of the less prosperous natives forced to share their inner cities with the newcomers.

But from fifty or a hundred million starving Third Worlders there is nowhere to run. However liberal, however rich, however cosmopolitan, they want what you have got. And they're coming to take it away. In the face of the Coming Swarm, everyone White, everyone civilized, everyone not one of them, is an ally. A lot of tunes will be changed abruptly, when the Swarm comesl

The Coming Swarm of the next century will be the greatest threat our Race has ever faced. But if it confronts it starkly with the reality of sudden impending death, rather than eroding it piecemeal with the slow ebbing of gradual racemixing, it may also prove to be the greatest blessing. Our Race might otherwise have died quietly in its sleep.

Instead, it will be wakened forcibly to fight its greatest battle. And once awake, who will presume to set limits on what our Race might then do. Needing his aid against a common foe, those who bound him will be forced to unbind the White Prometheus. They will not shackle him so easily again.


“The disproportionate increase in population throughout the 'East', combined with the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism and the advancement in military technology, may lead to the gradual eclipse of an ageing Western world by an overpopulated Eastern world. If Muslim states can succeed in achieving a greater degree of cohesion either by co-operation or by a forced hegemony such as that being implemented by Iraq, the 21st Century may prove to be the nadir of European civilization.”

Thomas Arkell

Geographical, Journal of the Royal Geographical Society,

November 1990