Roots of Radicalism

Facing up to the Holocaust

CHIEF AMONG the unnecessary evils with which the Nazis besmirched the Nationalist cause is, of course, the Holocaust. Although it is almost certainly the case that Holocaust legend greatly exceeds Holocaust reality, and that the actual number of Jewish Holocaust victims is less, possibly substantially less, than the conventionally accepted six million figure, the fact remains that mass murder undoubtedly occurred. It is both pointless and counterproductive to seek to deny this. For it is beyond doubt that the Nazis perpetrated appalling acts of genocide and barbarism during the Second World War. Revisionists cavilling over the size of the crematorium door at Dachau and apologists using these cavillings to whitewash Hitler really cannot wash away the blood of millions wholly needlessly spilled.

Whatever the details, whoever ordered who to do what, it is nonsense to dispute that millions of people, mostly actually Poles, Russians and Ukrainians but including large numbers of Jews, died at the hands of the Nazis. Died in squalor, pain and degradation, to no purpose.

Even without the gas chambers, even if Zyklon B killed nothing bigger than a cockroach, millions died of typhus, starvation, mass shootings, and so on. Seeking to poke about in the moral cesspit of this sort of thing merely smears those involved with the stench of death and degradation.

Historians - Revisionist or orthodox - have the right to study and question all the events of the period. As people have the right to poke around in the charnelheaps left by Stalin and Genghis Khan, without persecution or gagging. Such are the legitimate questions of history.

But they have no relevance for those of us active in today's politics. What is relevant to us is the fact that whether or not it was a past historical fact, the Holocaust is a present political reality. A reality we must face up to. Face up to by forthright condemnation. No-one, revisionist or otherwise, disputes that at least some crimes were committed, at least some people, very many people indeed, were murdered.

Which is what, rather than the gory details of who did what to whom on whose orders how many times, is the relevant point. For if even one Jew was killed, by whatever means, by anyone, for being Jewish, it was wrong and we must distance ourselves utterly from it. Nationalism is about preserving races and peoples, not destroying them. Genocide is always unacceptable.

And never necessary. All racial problems can always be solved without genocide. Repatriation, or simply dividing peoples up regardless of the original tangled historical position in some cases, is always the real "Final Solution". If a 'Jew-free Europe' was so essential, no-one need have died to achieve it. The more so as many of the Jews of Europe agreed with the Nazis that they should not be there. They wanted their own land, Israel. The lack of which has been the bane of the Jews and the cause of their bad relations with their host peoples down the centuries.

Zionist leaders actually met with a top Nazi representative in Vienna in 1938 to discuss joint action to return the Jews of Europe to Palestine (the official Nazi policy, betrayed like so many others).

The top Nazi official was Adolf Eichmann, whom not surprisingly the Israelis later hunted down and silenced. As so often, with a little vision the Nazis could have made allies of their enemies instead of the reverse. The Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Stern Gang and what became Israel's governing Likud party, in the Thirties admired Fascism and saw himself as the 'Jewish Mussolini'!

Zionist and Nazi could have co-operated to return, peacefully and by consent, the Jews to a land of their own. Perhaps they would then have erected a statue to Hitler in Jerusalem! Instead, Adolf the Idiot descended to mass murder, thereby damning himself and his cause forever. not, if we face up to it, and ours. We do not exist wipe up Hitler's mess. Or mitigate in one iota his . Instead of seeking to 'revise' the Holocaust, we simply condemn it. don't need to apologise it. We didn't do it.

Nor do we feel any political kinship with those who did. Anyone espousing our ideas there and then would have ended up in the camps with the Jews, as some did. Those espousing the ancestor of our kind of Nationalism, led by Otto Strasser, in fact formed the only effective anti-Nazi Resistance movement on German soil throughout the 1930's.

Some died fighting Hitler. It is their memory, not Hitler's, we honour. We must make that clear. And make it clear that Hitler's genocide is not a necessary consequence of Nationalism. Any more than Stalin's or Pol Pot's (equal in scale and horror to Hitler's) is a necessary consequence of Marxism.

Or the Holocaust of 1.7 million Armenians in the First World War is a necessary consequence of whatever ideology (decadent Islamic imperialism?) the Turks who perpetrated it held. But in one respect the slaughter of Jews and Slavs and gypsies by the Nazis was unique.

For a reason which, as on a lesser scale with South African apartheid, is seldom acknowledged by those who feel that unique revulsion. Because, unlike the sundry mass slaughters perpetrated by racial Asiatics like the Turks and cultural Asiatics like the Bolsheviks in Russia, it was carried out by civilized White men who ought to have known better.

That was the measure of Hitler's crime. To bring White men down to the level of Genghis Khan's Asiatics. To besmirch forever the honour of Europe. And, by besmirching with his needless, pointless crimes the struggle for its subsequent survival, to imperil the future of the European peoples - the ultimate crime. For his crimes against their people, the Jews will never forgive Adolf Hitler. For his crimes against our Race's honour, we will never forgive him either.


Atrocity figures are of course notoriously liable to distortion for reasons of political propaganda, and must always be treated with caution, but the following is, we believe, a fairly accurate guide, to just some of the worst atrocities of the Century.


UKRAINIAN DEATHS. 1.5 - 7 million. Actual figure hotly disputed, some present day Ukranian Nationalists say between 5 - 7 million.

MASS PURGES. Present KGB leadership & some US apologists admit to 3.5million. Maximum estimate: 10 - 12 million (figures widely supported, in dissident circles, eg by Lev Medvedev)

PARTY MEMBERS. (Including army) 700,000 to 1 million - mildly disputed figure.

POWS. 2 million Germans alleged to have died between 1945/48.


JEWS : Estimates vary widely: 6 million - conventional estimate; 4 - 5 million - mainstream Israeli academic opinion; 1.6 million - Postwar Hungarian Red Cross estimate; Under 1 million, mainly through disease & malnutrition - general 'Revisionist' opinion.

POLES: 2 million non-combatants.

RUSSIANS: 2 - 3 million prisoners of war.

GYPSIES: 300,000 - 350,000

MENTALLY SUBNORMAL 100,000 approx. (Programme halted after protests by Catholic Church).


NATIONALISTS: Half to 1 million shot/'re-educated' after regime comes to power.

CULTURAL REVOLUTION: 100,000 alleged to have died.

TIBET: 300,000 murdered after invasion

CLASS WAR - 3 million deaths in Sixties, from officially sanctioned policies.

STARVATION. Chinese radio announces in April 1964 18 million deaths from flooding / collectivisation in the countryside.


POL POT: 1-1.5 million murdered by Khymer Rouge in Cambodia.

TURKEY: Murders 1.5 - 1.7m Armenians after WWI

INDIA: Over 1m people, Hindus, Muslims etc, die in sectarian violence during partition.